How to do transactions without

Hey I want withdraw MAID, but dont want use web omni wallet, can you send me tutorial on other wallet?

See here:


not everyone have HW wallet, you really dont have other wallet, then online omni? I dont like it, its risky.

Just scroll down to 2.2:

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yes but when want withdraw from paper wallet, then must go to online omni and put there private key. It isnt other option how to withdraw?

I think the only other way would be to run an Omni full node.


As was said above, I also believe omni core is your only solution.
You need to download the btc blockchain though afaik.

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Hi @cryptoidiot
I agree it’s risky from the point of view that you can never be absolutely sure your private key is not compromised after using an online wallet.

My workflow? I simply always empty the wallet after importing the private key… If you want to sell only a fraction of the balance, send the rest into another wallet where the private key never touched the internet.


The best solution is to hold in paper wallets.

When want to send then

  • load private key into omniwallet
  • send coins to where you want.
  • send remaining coins to new paper wallet.

The risk is then kept to only a few minutes and omniwallet uses encryption anyhow and you must supply the passphrase to unlock it.


thanks for tips, where can download omni full node?

Omni core.

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I see, there isnt GUI for windows, its too difficult for me

Sure there is.


I’ve run Omni Core on Win 7 and Win 10 for a few years now. A few things to know: the BTC blockchain has some info on it that may trick your virus software into rejecting it so turn it off the first time downloading the chain. If you don’t have a copy of the BTC chain (about 310GB and counting) then it will take a long time the first time to download and sync. I seem to remember a week or two for me. After that you will want to make a copy of the chain so that you can restore from that point if the wallet crashes. Win 10 likes to make updates and restart your PC and this can corrupt the chain as far as Omni Core is concerned. I find it can sync from a prior blockchain save much faster than re-validating the chain it has due to its immense size. All in all, though, I really like Omni Core even if its a bit resource-intensive to run and keep up to date. And it will demonstrate how much better the Safe Network will be as the next technology beyond blockchain.

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You can just download the torrents to sync blockchain I would imagine, just as you can do with btc core.

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could you script an example in python using GitHub - spesmilo/electrum: Electrum Bitcoin Wallet ?

There’s probably code for that in one of these projects

This write up looks pretty good too

I send MAID to trezor adress, go to omnitrezor and connect, and it writes: There are no eligible addresses on this account. Please ensure your addresses containing OMNI tokens have at least 8000 satoshi in Bitcoin on a single output as well in order to faciliate a transaction.

I must first send there 8k satoshi?
must send to same adress, or can send to another adress in same trezor account?