[How To]: Buy/Move/Store OMNI MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets

I update to latest firmware 2.5.3 and it seems it doesnt work it only show loading endless. I use OMNI Trezor please help me.

Have you tried ? ( if this applies to you? )

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Have you tried a different browser?

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Yes 3 browsers

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I am stuck on point 13: - How I find data generated from site omni trezor, if I cant “log-in” to omni trezor?

"13. In the “Pay to” put your OP_RETURN data generated at OMNI Trezor "

Question 2 is: this is fee for transaction? Or I cant choose how many maid I will sent?

Put a comma after the recipient address and 0.00000546 BTC

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Not sure why it is masked on the above picture, but the amount of maid is the end part of the opcode
e.g. 64 = 100 MAID

example related to the above screenshot would be
6f6de69 0000 000000000003 00000000000064

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and this is still same or unique for each transaction?
“6f6de69 0000 000000000003 00000000000064” (if want send 100 maid)

Opcode is the same for any transaction it’s like “additional information” make sure I counted those zeros correctly. I’m typing this on a phone

ok so I always copy this “6f6de69 0000 000000000003 00000000000064” and change last 64 to number what I want to send? So if I want send 3459MAID then I write and count: 3459/100 = 34.59, 34.59 * 64 = 2213.76 so it would be "6f6de69 0000 000000000003 00000000002213 or 2214 because it must be whole number I assume.

please comfirm someone else this magic formule if its correct
6f6de69 0000 000000000003 00000000000064

thx :slight_smile:

you can just validate from an old maidsafecoin transaction:

scroll to the bottom you can see the opcode’

same transaction on omni explorer

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fyi 3459 to hex at DuckDuckGo

3459 is D83


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If you see the date of the post and the number of MAID you can find in my blockchain address, there is no positive for me from that, that’s why I hid it. :love:

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Btw this is also in hex or when I write 0.01 then fee will be 0.01btc?
Put a comma after the recipient address and 0.00000546 BTC

?.. :raised_back_of_hand:??.??? thx

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Go read the the posts in this thread start to Finnish you should find everything you need in here

Finnish? You mean language finnish?

Was just checking if you are smart enough to read :slight_smile: now back to the start of this thread with you and start from there

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I dont think there is answer to my question

You will need to wait until @Sascha comes back for that.

Tule pian takaisin, Sascha, tarvitsemme kipeästi ovelaa kielitieteilijää. Ja broilerin myös.

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0.00000546 BTC is the dust part of the omni transaction (you can send more, but you can’t send less)
the fee for the transaction will be automatically calculated by Electrum.

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