How much MAID does Mastercoin have?

Do we know how much MAID the Mastercoin people have and if they have dumped any of it yet?

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Edited as my answer was completely wrong :slight_smile: Thanks @Al_Kafir

In terms of any Msafe purchasers I am not sure at all, I don’t watch the exchanges.

We still have 100% of MasterCoin that was raised. It’s not liquid enough to cash in really.

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I think the simple answer is No, unless the “Mastercoin people” decided to make their private business known - as with any other individual Investor I’d assume…I don’t know if this has happened or been reported anywhere, or what credence I’d give to any such reports if they existed tbh. :smiley:

One of us has got wrong end of stick I think… :smiley:

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Yeah its a hard one to know. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t it end up being 50% going to mastercoin people and the rest to bitcoin based on how badly we all underestimated the desire for maidsafecoin from mastercoin users.

I am hoping and praying :slight_smile: that things like and other mastercoin users somehow make mastercoin valuable enough that maidsafe end up coming out ahead. My suspiciion is that safecoin is appreciate faster than mastercoin/omni, but MSC may still return something userful if they keep on building.

added link for tether:


Record is pretty clear that Mastercoin people made statements that “only 20% maximum of crowdsale coins will go to mastercoin holders”. Well it ended up being 50%, and would have been 100% if David Irvine and his all-nighter team hadn’t pulled some heroic emergency maneuvers to stop the damage as it was ongoing.

Best way to find out all the gory details would be through the legal discovery process after the “maidsafe people” sue the “mastercoin people” under their lawyers’ advice.

Under common law, if one person lies (materially misrepresents facts) to induce another person to give them something of value in exchange for something worthless, it is called fraud.

There are statute of limitations to consider, but there may still be time for a lawsuit to get some funding for Maidsafe as a damages recovery from those who defrauded them, and by extension those of us who purchased maidsafecoin with bitcoin in the crowdsale.


From what I understand, there was a very thorough post morten analysis and this has been discussed before elsewhere. Can’t find the link, but it seemed like for all parties involved, it unintentional oversight, although a few users tried to warn of likelyhood of this outcome.

Also, so far I think the MSC guys seem to be working hard, although their updates are not as respectable as maidsafe. I could be wrong, but what tether are trying to do made me buy a few more coins. Could be worth something decent in 2 to 3 years.

I think it is still unclear of all the details, ie who promised what, or whether it was just guesswork and magic numbers. There is nothing I can see anywhere that suggests Maidsafe is planning on suing. It is very very far from clear they’d have a case, nor whether it would be in their best interests, or the larger crypto community’s to do so.
It is a bit of a leap (and possibly libelous) to say with any conviction that Mastercoin defrauded Maidsafe, there were other puppet-masters on the stage too let’s not forget.

Do we know how much MAID they ended up with once the smoke cleared?

Very roughly, around 200 million I think. ::Not sure though :smiley:

How much maid was sold in the crowd sale?

430 million MSAFE were sold in the crowd sale.

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Thanks. I had heard a number of different figures elsewhere and was unsure.

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