How much is your data worth?

If researchers, governments and corporations want your data which you own then why shouldn’t they pay for it?

This reminds me of the old school days when people would participate in a research study for monetary compensation. This time it’s our data being studied instead of our bodies.

Most recently are reality shows where a family allows cameras to record their daily lives. It is edited in relation to the shows theme. They get compensated depending on the contract terms.

I would rather have the option to “sell” my data than have it stolen without my consent.

Apparently about 12k$ a year on average. Data is just a function of attention. But having to sell our data and undermine our privacy undermines the value of our attention itself. It’s the free use of our attention that puts the free in life itself. Its what grants us voluntary as opposed to involuntary lives. Pimping our attention, whatever the mechanism leads to slavery as it converts our lives into means to ends that don’t entail true service to anyone. This is what passes for employment in a world that is in denial about quality of work life determining overall quality of life. They’d have us employed even in our sleep when employment has been antiquated to the point of uselessness for decades already.