How close are we to testnet 1?

How close are we to testnet 1? A rough ballpark figure would be great, thanks.

The word from today’s SanFran Pod hangout was “imminent”, if I remember it correctly.


The dev team are working on task based progress as opposed to a time based one (which are almost impossible to predict). If you keep updated with our Roadmap page the remaining tasks are being chalked off as we go.


We use Pivotal Tracker exclusively at work with weekly iterations and I get the task based progress approach. When we manage the backlogs and stories on a smaller scale we can get a pretty good velocity going and then the estimations usually fall in line pretty well over a monthly basis and we can plan accordingly while letting the business know where we are with a high degree of accuracy.

I see the pivotal tracker project that you have up seems to have some epic stories in it and that it’s only been being used for 2.5 months. Perhaps if the stories and iterations were smaller we could use PT to tie roadmap items to releases and build some actual burn-downs and such. If there is anyway I can help out with the backlog and planning, I’m willing. This is not meant to say you’re doing anything wrong :wink: I’m just willing to help in this capacity if you feel it would be a benefit.

I remember another post where you were possibly looking for another tool because PT didn’t quite match what you wanted. Perhaps that is what you’ve done.