How can i mining it?


I searched a lot of times :s but i cant find how can mining . Anybody can help me about that.

have a nice days

Farming is what could be considered like mining - Farming involves relinquishing computational power of any machine that is connected as a Vault to the SAFE Network. One earns SafeCoins since people will call for data that could be existing on your Vault, and in that chance you may receive a reward as a Farmer.

The MaidSafe Team is optimizing the source code concluding a major milestone in the release of the software. This stage is TestNet 2; perhaps even in TestNet 3 there will be some Farming stats, and how that works out.


You just download the program to your computer

And it gives you a thing called a “vault”

And then it fills up with secret data and starts giving you money!!

That’s it, very easy.

Now i can handle it. Thank you :slight_smile:

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