yeap you read that right HOTBS my idea of a humorous and uplifting concept of a social media that will allow people to relax by having a theme around the most succesfull comedy subject: cr@p!!!

my idea is to make people relax before posting by getting into a good mood with different slogans around the most natural and smelly thing about our existance!!!

here is a quick prop:

before getting too serious about replying (as the concept is laid) remember this is a humorous and uplifting try at making people take a lighter mood before posting and the way the posts are going to be tagged and promoted as uplifting chitchat between adults that want to have fun!

p.s. I also thought about the app having different or/and random themes around other humorous things. So when someone wants to post one will be greeted with different funny and relaxing slogans.

I really want to hear your opinions. Just finished programming school and I sat down and brainstormed some ideas and this seemed easy and fun and humorous and uplifting way of making socializing positive!