Horizontal Speech Application

Might call it “Random” or something like that. It would pair people from all across the world for random 5-6 minute video conversations once per day, at time pre specified by the end user. It would be totally anonymous and would share no identity info, but the end user would be free within the time span to share info, maybe with a simple tap (although the system wouldn’t be keeping records.) There would likely need to be facility for on the fly translated conversations for those interested in that segment functionality (important for extending the range cross culturally.) There might be options for those who want that that blur out the face and mask the voice.

Of course, this app would be limited at first to people with smart phones or PCs. I also don’t think it would make sense to just let people use it as much as they want as that would make easier for money to propagandize and for people to burn out. One random five minute call per day. Of course it could never have anything to do with ads or sponsorship because that would be almost guaranteeing a rigged system and trying to lead by the bad example. I don’t think anyone could really patent this process, as they might to try to block this action, but they couldn’t stop it especially if it wasn’t generating money and was running on something like ProjectSAFE.

The notion is that vertical speech is unnatural and coercive and what holds current oppressive social systems together. The more we can up horizontal speech the more chance we have of breaking those systems and replacing them with better horizontal systems. Maybe eventually these types of connections would have more mind share than vertical sponsored media. Simple socialization is how we get people healthy again and break the spell of top down power. Getting people to talk outside their long engineered circles is crucial. It’s breaking the contrived degrees of freedom that serve to preserve an concentrate arbitrary power. This could be done on both the current dying internet and done to help smooth the way for ProjectSAFE running on a wholly end user owned and controlled replacement internet.

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I think it’s kind of a neat idea. I would imagine that a lot of details would need to be worked out for it to run smoothly (e.g. how to minimize risks posed from users with harmful/dishonest intentions), but I think something like this might be appealing to a lot of people.

Additionally, if options for filters existed for users that wanted them (e.g. language, age, region, hobbies, personal vs. business, etc.), it could potentially serve a large variety of uses. I realize that filters may be somewhat contrary to your original idea—but perhaps the more “random” aspect could be the default setting, whereas filters could be applied by those who desired them.

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I hope someone runs with it. What will save us from technology reinforced rule by heriditary wealth and useless hierarchy is horzontal speech systems like the app proposed and transparency systems like Slur and having them run on systems like SAFE. These together have the capacity to bring us back to what we are wired for. We have political decentralization, economic decentralization an social decentralization (ending apartheid etc.) This gets rid of the panoptic supervision and perfection of centralized alienating power. Its also a hardening of society against both strife and disaster.

It is a neat idea, I’d definitely give it a whirl! :slight_smile: bring it!

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I’m not really getting the benefits of this app to be honest and I definitely don’t view Slur as a “transparency system” - more of a “Blackmailing, Paparazzi, Invasion of Privacy system” …
I’m also not understanding the problem of Vertical speech or the remedy of Horizontal speech - or the meaning of either concept - or how 5 min “random” conversations help address things -can you elaborate? I’ve got an inkling what you might mean about horizontal/vertical speech, but really not confident enough to reply if I’ve got hold of wrong end of stick…
I’m sure the conversations I have with you on this forum are about as “random” as it gets already…lol

I’d say both wrong…definitely a far corner of off-topic…lol
I won’t be churlish enough to move it myself ( a complete lie…I just don’t have the know-how to do it…lol…I have the authority, but not the ability - a common problem in society…)

Without these types of approaches I don’t see the point of ProjectSAFE. To me these are the point of SAFE and about the only reason I am interested. For me this applies to the coin element as well, it is a needed means to an end- flattening society by making it more transparent. Without this there will be no useful privacy or any good life only arbitrary iron fisted rule by inherited money. We can have empowered decentralization, or inherited kingly rule, a new dark age.

@Al_Kafir The ultimate court is the court of public opinion, and in the end “all power reverts to the masses.” If we dont want a mob we need people acting from secure empowerment and that comes from increasing the rate and scope (degrees of freedom) of direct face to face horizontal communication and hirarchy made transparent on its way to elimination.

Any chance of a reply to this to aid your audience’s understanding of your argument/point before continuing in the same vein…or are you just talking at, rather than to people?
Ah, you just added a bit addressed to me…is this the explanation?
Yup,Still not getting it. Horizontal speech is what, as opposed to vertical speech? So the problem now is the “mob” – do you mean mob behaviour? I’m not following you- high frequency large scope (why degrees of freedom?) communication provide “secure empowerment” – what does this mean? How does any of this make “hierarchy transparent”? I’m just struggling to comprehend anything.

And then it was moved to “marketing.”

And as we’ve mentioned stuff currently runs on graft and blackmail and is carried out and reinforced by charismatics and fanatics. This would short circuit all that distraction and amplify skeptical voices, with such system there is no way to make a Socrates drink the hemlock or crucify someone for crticizing banking and its hypocracy.

Ok, just got my answer…thanks

You know about vertical speech. The Queen see you on the street, starts asking you if you want “another piece Turkish of Delight.” And you’re like “oh yes mum,” “very much.”

Ah…so by vertical speech you mean acting out traditional accepted roles in society by way of how some may speak deferentially to a perceived authority figure for example and vice versa? We should treat each other equally in our discourse irrespective of uniforms, status etc…is that what you mean?
To encourage this, having 5 min “random” conversations helps this how? Do you mean because you don’t know who you are talking to, you will be more likely to treat equally? I still don’t think I’m getting it really…

No, its corporate top down speech. Where stuff impacting you and your family is increasingly decided without your input untill all your waking moments are spent being told what to do or being punished and made an example of. Vertical speech is meant to both silence and command you. The bait is just an early nicety.

Hmmm…maybe the Queen/Turkish Delight analogy threw me then…lol
So it’s restricted to within Corporations, rather than established authorities? It’s the way CEO’s treat or interact with their staff - or do you mean the way Society has become ruled by way of a Corporatocracy? Still not getting the app thing or how it helps anything really…sorry.
What does “The bait is an early nicety” mean?
Ah…Do you allude to the Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” thing - the way established authorities have no empathy/understanding of the needs of the common man?

Thats right, at first its the candy and then the whip, Everything becomes more compulsory as if on a one way ratchet. And before long its veneration and glorification of monoarchical power with royalists ready to defend to the death the monarch’s honor against any sleight. Its body snatcher type stuff. Might as well have a switch on our heads so we can be switched on a couple of minutes a year to full volitional consciousness and the the rest of the time be in servile robot mode serving our master.

There are books on horizantal speech, especially recently in conjuction with the default in Argentina from ultra ‘free’ market policy and using horizantal speech and cooperatives to foil a crack-down artist dictator. The idea that hierachy (crowd control type games) is the problem threatening survival and human health comes from academic historians, and it has an athropological angle too. If I am not mistaken, work of Gwyn Dyer ties it to communication tech as a hope for flattening things out and giving us the breathing room we are wired for.

Aha…we’re getting somewhere…so it actually is the established “Monarchical” powers and systems you see as the underlying problem? Another way of stating this system is the “Divine right of kings” - this itself has a further underlying cause - the hint being the word “Divine” - it a mono-theistic religiously inspired idea and hierarchical structure with an imaginary"god" at the top of the pyramid scheme.
If you recognise the problem with “Monarchical structures”, then should you not remedy the root cause of the problem - and create an app for combating ignorance instead somehow? I still don’t get the app thing though.
Oh…you just added another paragraph

You can’t really have a decent conversation in 5 minutes. Why use the system at all?

Added a paragraph above. Getting people to talk who otherwise wouldn’t and taking the ackward element out if it in a default anonymous, where the end users can override the anonymity if they choose is on way to over come statists divide and conqueor schemes and override culture as law. Aristotle was right people develop in conversation.

Take Fukashima. This would have put people from around the world in touch with a random cross section of Japanese users as events were unfolding. Bonds would be formed that weren’t state power mediated. Money spin would be short circuited and with the Slur element driving dialogs the state would be constrained in its ability to lie and to act against the good of the population. It would be real time accountability and better than that direct empowerment of ordinary people. But multiply that by everyday forward.

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Thats right but just as with the 5 minutes on the Turing test to identify humsn or computer you can in 5 minutes decide if you need to have on going conversations. It would be black boxed, but maybe there would be a grace period even aftewards where both parties could opt to share info or reconnect anonymously for further communication. But wouldnt want people too worried about that in the initial contact or even having an expectation of follow up or pre ordained or even likely subjects. Some might not even want the video, might want the audio disguised.

I was about to say…I still have no idea how the app works, what it’s for, what problem it addresses, how it addresses it, who would use it or why………lol……however I can now cross a couple of things off that list now as you just answered them. I honestly do not see who would use it though or where the market lies.
Major events themselves bring people together - they find a way using existing tech at those moments in history, such as Fukeshima or the Arab Spring etc. I don’t see how your app for 5 min talks with random individuals helps anything.
We all recognise we need anonymous, private, secure conversations, but this would seem to be a different issue.
I don’t get the attraction or incentive to use the app - you’ve failed to sell it to me.
You need to practice your pitch, so you can get that dream job in Advertising you’ve always wanted…lol
Edit: A de centralised federated news system/Twitter type app may address your concerns, or maybe this is what you are describing in a tortuously roundabout way?

I don’t think I’d be up for this more extroverted pen pal type experience either. And I dont see it as an ad revenue generator, as that’s a conflict, but I do see an interest for some people especially younger people. As far as crossing boundaries there would be some barriers across languages. Not everone will want to deal with real time language translation, which will likely have people speaking in their own language group. But I think this type of system would make more sense in a world informed by Slur.