Hardware based authentication

By reading an article about Quantum-secure authentication I’m asking myself; what would be the options towards the maidsafe project?

Ref: Optica Publishing Group


This is something brought to my attention recently, and I am exploring its implementation as an option for an application to use on SAFE Network. I am still in the process of meeting to receive information on the security of the application since it is closed source, though I am led to believe there will be some open sourcing of this software.

What it does is it allows any mobile device to become a 2Factor authenticator. It can through blue tooth and wifi open an operating system, log into a web portal for example. I envision that this application can be used together with any SAFE Network application to provide a generic and portable 2FA instance.

Yeah with current 2FA, 3FA solutions we will be safe for many years…
I was just imagining about the future :wink: