A Maidsafe TV-receiver/mediabox

Hi there, I’m new to the forum. I’n not a coder but I like to think about projects like Maidsafe and other P2P networks.
Here’s a post I just did on Reddit/R/maidsafe.

Just like to do a little brainstorm about Maidsafe being implemented in hardware.
let’s say, there is an app on the Maidsafe-system which allows anyone to create a TV-channel and stream it to the SAFE-net. Using the app you can also watch television stations and even rewind for like 30 minutes. All chuncks of videodata older than 30 minutes will be deleted to make sure the network won’t be flooded with videostreams.
A company creates a mediaplayer/mediabox to use the Maidsafesystem. It’s open source and people can create firmware or use standard firmware. Would it be possible to do this? I think it is! Here are some ideas about how and why…

  1. Maidsafe will open up their patents and sourcecode so anayone can use Maidsafe/SAFE-net without paying a cent. Hardware companies love that. No negotiations, no discussions about patents or anything. Just use the technology in the hardware with respect to the license and you’re free to go.

  2. Mediaplayers are becoming cheaper and better. Google is offering their Chromecast for a very nice price.

  3. Users hate using passwords, don’t like to use apps on their smart-tv’s with all the different interfaces and just want to watch television!

So, after thinking about all the points above I present to you my idea for the Maidsafe settop box.

  • The box is quite small and fits under your TV-set just like Apple-tv.
  • It runs Maidsafe in the firmware which will be lightning fast.
  • In easymode it will create a random username, password and pin for the SAFE-net. This way no passwords needed to remember. This data is stored in the firmware as well. Only after a factory reset, a new password is needed.
  • The box has a 120 GB SSD drive. This is way faster than a standard HDD and will be used as a vault for the SAFE-net. - -
  • Money can be made because the box will be online 24/7 to provide chuncks of data.
  • The remote is quite simple as well. 999 channels can be programmed in order the user likes it.
  • It runs a TV-app in the firmware. It provides you with a list of TV-channels which are streamed on the SAFE-net.
  • Some extra apps can be installed in expert-mode. Netflix and HBO may provide Maidsafe-users a cheaper service - because they don’t use as much data on their network.

Ofcourse the list can go on and on… But I think using Maidsafe in hardware would be awesome! please leave a reply if you have any thoughts about this idea…


A great idea for farmers indeed. This is one I personally would love to see in place. Set top boxes are an obvious and perfect example of a farmer. The more distributed the better and this is brilliant if a project were to take it up.


This plug-n-play device could open up the SAFE network to a huge number of non-tech people if done right. Imagine browsing your favorite shows and seeing your machine’s balance slowly ticking up and a little [safe-market] link next to your balance.

If done right with micropayments you could pay people to farm while also giving them TV paid for by micropayments.

@polpolrene Brilliant idea… Maybe this is a fun fact, maybe we don’t need a mediabox. [Check this out it’s called Libswift][1] it’s a P2P engine, they somehow got it to work on a TV.

They are actually doing more with the Libswift engine, they used it for [Tribler][2], this [pretty girl explains best][3]. BTW [here is a tech talk about it][4].

I’m sucha disaster with finding the whitepapers and sourcecodes, but this is opensource.

Tribler does need some optimisation, a few dudes made some improvement on the protocol it’s out there on the internet somewhere
[1]: Libswift: 4th generation P2P engine inside a TV - YouTube
[2]: http://www.tribler.org/trac
[3]: - YouTube
[4]: 4th Generation Peer-to-Peer Technology - YouTube