Hangout session rescheduled to 16th May 2014

As you are aware that we are currently working towards example 0 getting out as soon as possible.
We are hoping to get it working by Wednesday. But to make sure the testing and documentation are also covered sufficiently, we are planning to push it till Friday.

Due to this, we are planning on moving the next Hangout session to Friday, with the possibility of slipping till Monday. We will post an update on mailing list with the details on Friday Morning (10 am BST).


Rescheduled to Monday (19th May) 15:00 GMT


Good luck with example0!

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Hi Guys,

I’m afraid we have to reschedule the Hangout session to Monday (19th May). We are currently testing example-0 and hope to have it solid over the weekend. Just finalising on getting some additional run-time log outputs that a user might be able to see when running the example.

We’ve also put together a few tasks which should be of interest to you guys to get engaged with the code. We hope to have some information about this during the hangout session on Monday.