Governments are going to want to use maidSAFE to protect themselves from themselves

CIA clears the CIA of spying on congress… All of this nonsense must stop.


Well, CIA is a private company, that is charged with gathering intelligence on foreign “business” on behalf of american “business” in order to maintain competitive advantage by subverting and/or intelligence gathering and sharing with american “business”

The us government just so happens to be a frequent customer…


Oh, if it were just so simple. “America”, or any “nation” for that matter, is as Morpheus said “…the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

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What do you mean?

I don’t actually disagree with what you said.

I just meant that there are much, much deeper games afoot, and that national politics and national identity just make it harder to see.

Looking over your post, you may have actually been saying much the same in other words.

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Yah, these entities are long time existing factions with a huge foot print; why they are not disbanded is insane; it goes along with the lines of cold war stuff, in addition to the game theory battles’

They’ve become autonomous player characters on the planet wreaking havoc based on the protocols of the past 50+ years. something has got to give…