GiveMeCredit - where trust has to be earned and value has to be proven

Hi all.

In my spare time I have been planning a project. I’m not getting very far with it, mainly because I can’t seem to figure out which platform to use. I have spent time researching Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT, Counterparty, Mastercoin, Thelonious, and Maidsafe (which i have only really at looked today).

Perhaps if i explain my idea, someone can point me in the right direction? Alternatively, if any developers out there would like to get involved in this project…please do! :smile:

OK. So…

My plan is to build a cross-browser extension called GiveMeCredit which allows users to like and dislike content on the internet in exchange for ‘inactive credits’. These inactive credits can be made ‘active’ by giving them to someone else.

The currency units are called Credits. In order to receive credit for something, you simply add your address next to anything you want credit for. The browser extension will convert this into a small widget which will include a feedback rating and link to your public profile (e.g. user123 - 99% positive feedback) and a GiveMeCredit button, which people can click to give you credit.

There’s a bit more to it than that, but hopefully you get the idea. It’s sort of like crowd-funding for crypto, only without the crowdfunding platform.

So can someone please point me in the right direction?
Would anyone like to help me out with this?


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At first sight I’m not sure it would make sense to implement this on SAFE for content on the current web. I think this because to use SAFE for this, may require participants to be part of SAFE network itself (ie to have accounts to allow transfer of Safecoin), unless you use the network to implement your own tokens and don’t use Safecoin at all. I guess it would make sense to go this way if the other platforms (you mentioned) simply aren’t up to the job, which might well be the case :slight_smile:

SAFE hosts content on a separate internet, the SAFE Network, so this kind of scheme could more easily be implemented on this, although the network itself will have a built in content rewards scheme that might make it less useful, although I think your idea has features that won’t be built into the network scheme - so perhaps building on the SAFE content rewards scheme would make sense.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes i assumed they would have to be a part of the SAFE network. What i want is a simple, stable, decentralised application framework. Something that allows me to build web apps using existing technologies but store info on a decentralised db.

For example, when someone clicks on the like or dislike button, i would like to insert a record into the db, i.e…

URL of the content
Hashed toolbar ID
Inactive credit counter
Active credit counter

Or something like that…Of course, I am unable write a detailed specification unless i have at least a rough idea about what i can or can’t do.

Can this sort of thing be done easily with Maidsafe? If so, can you give me a rough description as to how?

Your help would be greatly appreciated as I’d rather not read through any more bloated and unintuitive white papers, unless i really have to.

I’m currently investigating Putting Web Apps on SAFENetwork by Adapting Existing Frameworks which may start to give you some options before long. I’m still researching, but more hands looking into this and evaluating would be great.

I think there will be several options, so I envisage setting these out and then choosing one to have a go with. My guess at the moment is a JavaScript framework that offers different levels of API for different app capability. Example (only!):

  1. CRUD: simple storage i/f (RESTful access to JSON objects/documents). Not very useful, but easy to provide, and enough for simple apps.

  2. CouchApp: Cut down CouchDB API, with a subset of DB functions implemented on the client in JavaScript. Limited scalability, limited features, but easier to port existing apps expecting a NoSQL style DB, and especially some simple CouchApps, of which some are quite interesting.

  3. PouchDB: As 2, but with full NoSQL CouchDB style API for offline operation (auto sync with SAFE storage when connected).

The above its to illustrate my approach, NOT at this stage a plan! :smile:

Anyone who can add to my knowledge or wants to go investigate and try out ideas like this, let’s talk (please post on the topic I linked at the start of this post).

@happybeing - Thanks for the info!

I’m currently about half-way through the system docs. It’s actually quite intuitive. i much prefer proof-of-resource over proof-of-electricity-wastage. I’ll keep reading…

Any CRUD/JSON/REST API info would be much appreciated :wink:


The API is being worked on, so I’m watching the repos! :slight_smile:

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I posted on here several weeks ago about an idea called GiveMeCredit. Here is a link to the concept on

I would still like to use Maidsafe. Is anyone willing to help? I’ve already built a rough centralised prototype but i need some help with the safe stuff. I would really appreciate your support.

BTW how’s the API doing? Any docs yet?



All good, All libs are documented now and each crate has links to API docs and most have examples. So it’s a good time to dive in.


Hi Glen, you might want to check out my project - somewhat similar in that it is a crowdfunding system, but with oversight and control given to the providers of the capital.



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Ok great. where are the official docs located?

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Everything is on the website. The third tab over on the introduction page “NXT-VC” has the white paper.

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Yo @happybeing,

I am currently teaching myself flask and python. It’s been several years since I last did any programming at University, so I am kind of more a backup admin. I figured its about time I learned at least one language that I can use for anything I may want one day.

If I ever make sense of python and flask in the coming months enough to consider it useable on safenetwork somehow, I may Join your club and try to make use of what you have available or assist somehow.

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Sorry, i meant where are the official maidsafe API docs?