GET / PUT + Stream Applications

What is the deal with get/put and payouts/costs? I am curious about how a mobile device, etc might work with the network, considering limited CPU/bandwidth/storage? Does it create a local buffer [say 40-1000MB] that handles put/get for the communications if it is to use a VOIP/VIdeo application? And the thing is if it is limited in terms of on time, and probably won’t get paid for a GET request etc, it wouldn’t have enough SafeCoin to be able to communicate 100% of the time. It is unreliable if there is no way to send and receive without having to pay or having means of receive payments for using it’s connectivity. I should like to receive a full rundown of GET / PUT payouts/costs-- like what happens when connections are established for either T/X.

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I am also very curious as I have also been looking into this. Recombinet, judging from your title, do you have an idea for a stream application?

I was working on a project very similar to MaidSAFE-- just recently took down the site. I didn’t know about MaidSAFE when working on Recombinet, but conceptually it was almost the same. It got stuck in conceptual phase, due to lack of support. Also we didn’t want to begin coding before having a full awareness of the cryptography, etc. I.e. if you start building on certain APIs, etc-- it is difficult to make a change after making a system dependent on one API. If I had known MaidSafe existed, I would have simply linked. I arrived at very similar conclusions independently, I then changed design goals towards AI/VR applications.


Provide cross platform means to share CPU, disk, and memory use (allocated and specified percent by user configuration)

Create a bitCoin-like crypto-currency that users can trade after
dedicating various amounts of technological resources and support
(Bandwidth, CPU, Memory, and Hard Drive Space * time connected-- rated
against the whole network ) by becoming nodes of the network. Make it so
encrypted and distributed content can be hosted on various computers.
This will create the incentive to share and partake in becoming a node
of the decentralized network scheme. i.e. People get paid a virtual
currency for joining in on this new network over time.

Make it so people can dedicate resources to perform given tasks. Make
coin generation higher for more useful apps. For instance running direct
democracy and world simulator platform yields more than just hosting
popular content on the hard drive. Make it so that more intelligent and
innovative ideas are rewarded.
World Simulator and Direct Democracy Platform:

Make an engine that gives real time information from people who choose
to report conditions in their local area instead of main stream conduits
for weather and temperature/natural disaster warnings. Also make it so
people can code their own governments and social codes to operate within
localized areas. Make it so people can volunteer for communal tasks.
I.e. somebody is not able to do something, a neighbor can take that
person’s place if it affects community. Also real time report of wars
taking place and situation of people to save people’s lives.

ToR like browsing capabilities and .onion like web addresses

BitTorrent-like file transfer features

Create a way to “torrentize” data in such a way that popular data remains indexed and circulated throughout the network.

Create a way to make revision (dated) hierarchies of updates to such
information in such a way that popular versions of software and various
content are archived and made accessible.

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Message me. I think we’re both working on similar projects and maybe we could team up in brainstorming and discussion.

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Regarding a mobile device funding its calls: it is the account not the device that needs credit. So you could have either topped up your account, or be funding it with a Safecoin farming vault on a desktop.

Don’t you think that it might be better to create buffers in memory across the nodes for a non-storage based transaction like video/voice? Perhaps make payouts to the nodes that give bandwidth/CPU for it (similar to a GET, except for resolving temporary transactions) i.e. there should be a way for people to instantaneously communicate without using the storage part of the nwtwork without having to use coins in my humble opinion. That way people have incentive to still help all communications using the CPU/Bandwidth part of the mining.