Get an interview with this guy


Please arrange an interview with this guy on Youtube: Ivan on Tech.

This guy is quite popular and knows what he is talking about. Especially about ‘Web x.0’ solutions like ETH, EOS, TRX, IOTA etc. But no Maidsafe at all on his channel :frowning:

For example, at the moment of writing there is a livefeed interview with the founder of IOTA. 3k people are watching this right now. A lot of videos have 100k+ views. That’s a lot more than the videos on the Maidsafe channel.

Also, we as community should be more active on youtube. Go to popular channels, vlogs, videos and mention MAID as alternative for whatever coin they are talking about. Like other comments about Maidsafe etc,


You can donate to him and he will review a coin. Just not sure the donation amount required.

Sounds a bit like shilling. Just saying…

It is but some people feel their time and reputation is worth it. I wasn’t suggesting it, only pointing out the fact you could. :wink:

Good thing we aren’t down there! lol


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Doug Polk seems also to be a popular and entertaining guy with crypto contents on YouTube.
He isn’t a developer, so not that technical. But I guess with his poker background he understands e.g. that Substratum is a bit too much about marketing.
I haven’t seen much of his videos, so maybe he has already mentioned MaidSafe, because it seems he has bought in the past. Perhaps he is also on the forum?


I am constantly bugging DataDash and Doug Polk to no avail but I leave comments for their audience at the least. I just recently stumbled across Ivan and I think he’d be a good person to mention SAFE to, though he comes off as an ethereum fanboy to me a little.

Let’s all comment on these few very popular channels and in the least shilly way possible, mention SAFE and/or MAID till it’s hard to ignore. Obviously don’t want to come across as the bitconnect crowd :joy: so maybe not lay it on too thick or aggressively but drop it in as a casual viewer.