Game changing 3D printer

This looks to have amazing potential applications. One for the Maidsafe kids Fab Labs I reckon. :smiley:

Joseph DeSimone: What if 3D printing was 100x faster? | TED Talk


I believe Ray Kurzweil is correct that we will soon be able to email physical products! And I think 3D printing is progressing exponentially. So we will have mindblowing 3D printing capabilities already within a decade or two (maybe even sooner).

Instead of lights out factories the trend will probably be more focused on decentralized 3D printing of basically all kinds of products, large and small. Physical products will become information and vice versa.


I like the other side of the equation, consumer 3D scanners. The first time I saw this on kickstarter I thought of women and their quest for dress…get the perfect cut everytime…quite the competitive advantage for custom dressmaking

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Is that the 3d printer I referenced in post capitalism? :wink:

Yes, sorry it is - I didn’t click on the link you gave, as thought was a normal 3d printer…oops. I just had a look - I think that’s the other benefit, that many different materials can be used.

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Haha no need to apologize but damn this tech is cool right!? My mind was blown for at least 24 hours after first seeing it. Many benefits but my first thought was how could this be used in zero gravity??

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