Future Implications of Anonymous Communication

The safe network will provide a means of complete anonymous communication and identification. Generation of and storage of data will not be traceable to any specific individual or address.

There is no question that individuals have a right to complete privacy, but we must still anticipate and prepare for human behavioral response.

Some questions and concerns:

Is man responsible enough to behave justly with such anonymity?

What are the potential future implications?

Thoughts on a network kill-switch?

The more free the world is, the safer it becomes

People only do crazy crime etc when they are starving, stuck, or have so much power over others that it becomes easy

When knowledge, money and power are decentralized and spread out, natural checks and balances start to exist.

This will become so much more important when crazy tech line synthetic biology, AI and many other hugely powerful and world changing technologies start to become available to people

Those are my personal views and understandings


Well people who have really wanted anonymity have had it for some 30 years with the current internet. History is a good teacher. Basically the answer is YES.

Before the fall of the USSR the “West” could not have total surveillance because they condemned the USSR for attempting to do so. Now for nearly 30 years they have desired to have total surveillance and have progressed towards that bit by bit.

But during all that time and still is, there have always been simple ways to communicate anonymously if one really wanted to. So the claim by governments that anonymous communications which the world has mostly enjoyed for thousands of years is now something of danger is a reversal of what humans enjoyed since “forever”. Remember that the internet has replaced a lot of communications that would have been done in person (privately a lot of times).

So no I do not accept that anonymous communications is anything that needs any sort of censorship. And that such anonymity is anything to fear.

The criminals with or without SAFE can communicate and do so now, why would things change.

Obviously some will use SAFE’s anonymity for bad reasons, but they would do so even without SAFE.


I think the the core value of the GOP has become terrorism. They are in a state where they think only fear can keep them safe from their fears
It has become fear for the sake of fear. SAFE will help end that cycle by helping people find their own power and voice and shining a light on that kind of depravity.

It is time he learned to be. The training wheels need to come off and society needs to mature.


[quote=“nil, post:1, topic:14265”]Is man responsible enough to behave justly with such anonymity?

There will be growing some pains along the way, but as @Traktion stated the training wheels need to come off to get our species back on the track to evolving.

People in the “developed” world have devices in their pockets to look up anything in the world to advance themselves as humans beings and what do they do? Just a hint a good portion are not looking up things to advance their own development as human beings.

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Conservative and Liberal alike, in all countries, are using terrorism to advance their agendas.

Some of these agendas are economic based, such as AML laws to get more tax revenue and anti-cash laws to attempt to allow more control during financial turmoil (that they themselves caused in the first place)

Some of these agendas are aimed at other ways to control the population, such as anti-gun laws and police force militarization which the government feels will be required to control a hungry and angry populace when the government created debt bubble finally does pop.

It is not only conservatives that are doing this to you. Liberals are voting in these same laws, and both sides do indeed pretend that terrorism is the reason they implement them.


A blast from the past. Perhaps we’re almost there!

The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto (1988) (mit.edu)