Freedom, Privacy, Security, and so much more

The SAFE Network will provide unprecedented Freedom, Privacy, and Security to the world. My question to the community is, other than these core features what features will SAFE provide better than the World Wide Web and what features will SAFE provide that the World Wide Web can’t provide?

First and obvious feature is cheap permanent decentralized data storage.


A single credential to connect to all your services is my favorite one. Close second is the micro-transaction eco-system.


Decentralized network means no more DDOS!

I think people take for granted their dependency on server sites. Imagine if GOOGLE went offline for more than 24hrs, or Youtube. The public outcry will spark civil unrest… I’m being dramatic to express a point.

I hope TestNet3 proves this ability beyond any doubt. :smile:


Revolutionary transparency and real privacy. Hopefully it kills off the spy agencies. If the transparency works as expected it may be the key to getting rid of this fake artificial scarcity based race to the bottom economy and replacing it with some based on widespread abundance, security and sustainability.

No brut forcing passwords (every invalid try gives an encrypted response that would require decryption or the correct key so multiple attempts makes the attacker flooded with highly encrypted nonsense)

Spam can be sent back to spammers rendering spam problematic and perhaps costly to the spammer (I want to find a link to this thread cause it’s a good one)

Access to your virtual drive and all your files from anywhere and any computer that has the client software installed.

A very interesting network update mechanism that I believe is still only theoretical but mentioned by Mr Irvine himself where a sacrificial vault with as good or better ranking is accepted as an update to the network

The caching mechanism that speeds up connection to popular content where a traditional server would be flooded with traffic and bogged down

so many gems