Full maidsafecoin transaction data

The full list of every onchain maidsafecoin transaction is available in json form:

Most recent link for data up to 4th June 2021:

Some simple analysis:

  • 174,021 transactions in total.

  • First transaction is 22 Apr 2014

  • 17,101 addresses have some current amount of maidsafecoin (ie not zero)

  • 32,883 addresses have no maidsafecoin (ie received some then sent all of it)

I’ve been using the omniexplorer api to scrape this data. Since the rate limit is about 4 requests per minute it took many weeks to get the initial data. But now it will be pretty fast to update it, so I’ll aim to update the data at the start of each month and post a link to the new dataset here.

Some deeper analysis I’d like to try later on:

  • check for inconsistencies or errors to improve the scraping and parsing
  • compare this dataset with current balances
  • compare this dataset with the crowdsale data
  • look at how many of the ico coins have not been traded
  • look at broader exchange wallet patterns

Would be cool to see any analysis that comes out of this dataset.


Very tempting. My inner analyst suggested scraping forum posts this morning, to do time series analysis on who posts when, who responds, who seem to come and go in groups, time zones etc. So the itch is there already! I don’t have a framework for time-series though.


Great work!

Hardly an analysis, but how is it possible that this address has almost 5M MAID without any incoming transactions showing in Omniexplorer?


EDIT: Please someone, help me out with this. This seems weird to me, but I guess there is some simple reason. If you know that, please let me know.


I suppose thats because the crowsale

Crowdsale Purchase 7604c0c5a7fd20308b535ae8f459f9fc5c03d634c33ff65baf3801ada32b8bee|
| — | — |
1,000.00 Omni Token (#1) Sent

4,849,734 MaidSafeCoin (#3) Purchased

0 MaidSafeCoin (#3) additional generated for Issuer|
|Property| Omni Token (#1) |
|Date/Time|4/22/2014 5:39:38 AM|


OK, I don’t fully understand it, but this already gives a peace of mind.

But why Omniexplorer does not display the transaction data? A bug maybe?

Its probably the way omni does it. I seem to remember they have a special way to do the distribution of the coin that is not a typical send on BTC transaction.

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Updated data is at the same link as OP, here it is again:


I’ve also got a script to do this direct from the blockchain rather than pulling it from omniexplorer.info, but the blockchain is still syncing so I’ll use it next time.

Out of curiosity, is anyone running an omnicore node? Would be neat to create this list from multiple sources and check they are identical. Would be a good test run for a decentralized snapshot (if that were to be an option for transition to the new tokens).


@DeusNexus do you still have your omnicore node server running?

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I have running omnicore in a windows 10 pc


Yes I’m running 2, one is nearly completed with sync and other one is catching up.
I was thinking to upload all the chaindata and blks as immutable data.

The one I’m recently syncing taking now over 310 hours with an 10 vCPU Cores, 60 GB RAM, 1.6 TB SSD, 1 Gbit/s Port. I will try to tweak the cache settings a bit and add a huge amount of swap because those can affect speed a lot!


I really hope the newcomer safe network experience is less arduous than this. I’m sure it will be, but man, blockchain initial block download is no joke!


@dirvine do you have the original list of the ico funding transactions?

No to hand but is does exist in a spreadsheet AFAIK. I suppose also the original addresses will still be on the omni (well bitcoin) chain?

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All maidsafecoin txs up to Fri 4th June


Yeah, the initial sync took me almost a month. I keep multiple backups of the block files now. If Core crashes or doesn’t shutdown cleanly for some reason it’s easier to restore the block backup and let it re-sync the past few weeks than it is to let it re-validate the entire chain. The re-validation takes days vs. just a few hours to re-sync from a backup. If you have any pointers to improve performance I would be very interested.

Not directly for Omnicore, but you could use a Copy-on-Write filesystem to make more snapshots in a given time, so that the intervals between them are smaller than “normal” backups. Each snapshot shouldn’t take much space (just the differences to other snapshots, like changes in files or directory structures) and are very fast to make.

But: CoW FSs are usually slower than normal FSs. This might be a problem for you if your bottleneck is your FS/Disk.

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Interesting idea - I will need to look into that. Thanks.

All maidsafecoin transactions up to 2021-07-01:


This is the first time the transaction data is parsed directly from the blockchain using omnicore. Previously it’s been taken from omniexplorer.info

There’s two keys removed from every transaction to make the data immutable: “ismine” which depends on the person running it, and “confirmations” which depends on when the script is run.


Wow it’s so small in file size! I will try to follow your format and parse one from my omnicore aswell so people can verify it from another source. Do you have a script for this on github?