French constitutional body approves eavesdropping law

I hope to read more French on this forum

Why do citizens even accept this eavedropping, like it’s going to help

Because most people don’t care about privacy. Most people think they have nothing to hide, so they don’t worry much about beeing eavesdropped.

This is where the education needs to happen.

No Credit card number? No social security numbers? No bank account numbers? No balances they don’t want people to know about? No unfortunate family embarrassments? Do you really want the world to know your mother’s maiden name? Once they have that they can get into almost everything…

You can’t leave a back door open “to law enforcement” if you leave a back door open, you leave a back door open. There are plenty of criminals in law enforcement, as the indictment of the Silk Road DEA agents demonstrates…

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i´m from france and i can swear you that we are a lot of people shoked by this law.
They are just violating our right, now governement and intelligence services can legaly spy all french people’s conversations bypassing justice!!
Some people here think that it was orchestrated since long time because they proposed this law just one day after Charlie-Hebdo´s murders “Action==>Reaction ; Problem ==> Solution” ( Goerges W.bush´s best skill XD )
Anyway, this is a good new for the Safe community because french people now need more than ever the safe network.

I think this is shifting. And it will continue to shift as the abuses and data theft continue to increase, which is inevitable.

The problem is that people don’t feel able to do anything when they do care. I feel this, even with the level of understanding and expertise I have.

When SAFE is available, that changes. For the first time, everyone will be able to do something to protect their data and their privacy, whatever their level of technical competence. That’s a big deal!


This also shows why we need transparency. As above it does seem like they came up with an excuse to cover what they were already doing. Not only is this spying implicit mass blackmail and endless fodder for smearing anyone who might stand up or challenge increasingly useless and abusive authority it also demonstrates why we need transparency to block creeping state encroachments. In the US we need an amendment requiring a totally transparent state and blocking the state from enforcing private secrecy and differentiating privacy from from organizational secrecy. FOIA needs to be automatic and concurrent at all levels, no permission required and no limits. Don’t like your so called employees selling your ‘secrets,’ then treat them better and don’t hire psychopaths, otherwise live with it, but don’t expect court cover- state does not enforce secrecy.