Fleming Testnet v3 File Sharing

Slow motion movie clip of an icy waterfall in Helsinki Finland:

safe://hy8ayqyk8wyxdrpx4q5ur99si6zc3mmajawbygaur6mcd58945j75kbekmr > Waterfall_slo_mo.mp4

Size: 60MB

EDIT: I was not able to cat another file in the same container. I don’t know how this works, but I’m trying to re-put it now. I will be away for an hour or three soon, so let’s see…

EDIT 2: @oetyng got that other file. But I am still unable to get it.


A - much - smaller file :smiley:
safe cat safe://hygoygyeeig9ookad1rsije79ox8jh5w3sw5shggtbep4gc3hiftcyrbijy > guesswho.jpg

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Tried this but still getting the blob error.

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Same for me.

I’ve just uploaded a photo of my trusty steed - can anyone download it?

$ safe cat safe://hygoygyxsdycw4m7oas93ymhxcft6nzwdfqekhfs7ak4ncg81io1smdmcyr > PlanetX.jpg

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Not me, blob error.

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