Financial Budgeting/Forecasting App

I’ve used many different apps to help me budget and forecast finances over the years. None have done exactly what I want the way I want them to, to the point that I’ve developed my own a couple times as I learned new tech. I have always been a little weary of using them because of security concerns as well. The SAFE Network could take that weariness out of the picture me thinks… And it would be a lot more fun developing something like this as a team.

Just a placeholder for now.

What do you think @dllasoff we could tie it into SAFEx and use safecoin to pay your everyday fiat currency bills :wink:

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What’s the difference between this and a spreadsheet?

Also, the main issue I have when doing this task is getting at the data. Info from the services I use is a PITA to get into my application. All different formats (if at all), always manual processes to grab and get it into the application. So for me the issue is more one of taking the effort out of this part of the process than anything. Makes me wonder if this is what you mean - writing apps to get the data?

I was thinking more along the lines of Mvelopes and Mint which do in fact pull transactions from your online accounts through APIs usually and then allow you to organize buckets based on those transactions or manually, and then allow you to manage debits against them. I have also found dealing with these services to be very fickle at times. If you don’t need/want anything more than transaction records then a spreadsheet will work fine. I just always find I want more features or easier features…

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I’m not familiar with those, or services which allow API access… I suspect things are relatively stone age here in the UK!

Yes, I could see an almost-free ‘bill-payer’ function or service built into SAFEx using the same 0.1% transaction cost model. Again, I know the network is paying us for Gets but totally free transactions doesn’t communicate value-received for services rendered to customers but 0.1% says that if I have a $500 car payment,I don’t have to think about it and it costs me 50 cents, the cost of postage stamp to have it automatically handled.