Fedora 22 / 23-Alpha , XFCE4, Docker


I had to stop doing testing on my native computers because the Fedora 22 x86_64 XFCE4 LiveCD spins they were installed from caused some odd bug that I couldn’t get past (see another post) so I switched to a minimal Docker build of F22 and doing that resolved that obstacle. Updating my git/build/test script with some help from others:


fixed the remaining problems I had for recent code. I had some suggestions from the XFCE list about how to debug the original problem but now I think I will continue with the Docker environment for testing. I will need to sort out the XFCE issue before SAFE goes live though . .

I thought it might be a good idea to start testing F23-Alpha so I built another MaidSAFE Docker image and container with that - good news! Everything is just the same as F22 ie everything is building and testing OK except for safe_vault, which has compile problems (the same as F22). I guess this is what you would expect but there is always the chance that a new OS version will introduce some major problems so it is good to know it doesn’t (and I expect it would stay that way till the formal release of v23).


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