Farming at work

I would be interested in farming Safecoin from my work computer that lives in an enterprise environment, which is almost always on, has a fast connection, and access to multiple TB of shared network storage space. I am not particularly troubled by any ethical issues of using work resources for personal gain, because in my particular office, machines are always on, and bandwidth goes largely unused after hours anyway. I would have a few questions and concerns before doing this however:

  • How can I keep this activity private from IT and network administrators? For instance could I run my vault inside a large nondescript Truecrypt container on a network drive? Could I run the Maidsafe client on a virtual machine, circumventing the “Sophos” security suite that blacklists certain websites or activities?

I’d like to hear what the community thinks of this as many people may have access to similar resources in their workplace environment.

You do understand that this kind of activity would probably be considered gross abuse of IT resources and could you cost your job?

You can setup a VPN to the outside world, but since that would probably cost you more than you’d earn (unless you plan to steal company disk space too), you’d probably have to settle down for something free like a link from your workstation via OpenVPN over port 80 to your home network (but then you’d only save your power consumption and halve your network capacity which means you’d after all have to use 100-200 GB of your company’s data storage to compensate for that loss). :wink:

@happybeing, look, free markets at work!
How are the honest farmers going to compete here on an even footing? :wink:

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Its going to be difficult to hide the bandwidth requirements of a P2P connection. The network administrators are going to notice this first. Since the truecrypt volume has to remain unlocked at all times, you’ll have to know when to shutdown your resources and lock it.

You’re better off not doing it. And I’m never hiring you or recommending you for a job position.

I agree that it’s questionable, though there is plenty of unused bandwidth and resources in my environment, so it is not hurting the company.

Then offer to set it up FOR the company, and take a cut of the safecoin rather than all of it. If there’s really lots of bandwidth, maybe the company would appreciate an increased ROI on its hardware.


First of all, I guarantee this is a fire-able offense in any company who has an “enterprise environment.” Secondly, if it wasn’t a bad thing, then you wouldn’t want to hide your activity. Third, you clearly have no idea the potential impact running something like this through backdoors you would open could have on your company.

My suggestion is: if you are asking how to do this, then you shouldn’t be trying to do it because you are not skilled enough to do it without getting yourself fired.

You are much better off bringing the SAFE network’s reward system to the attention of your boss or high level manager and express the potential for the company to negate some of the costs related to huge amounts of idle hardware. If they like and adopt your idea, congrats, you might get a promotion and even a pay raise. If they don’t like this idea, at least you didn’t lose your job…


Fine, then you aren’t invited to my birthday party.