FAQ: What is the ribbon icon under a post?

There’s a ribbon like icon under each post that it’s grey, blue or orange, but I have no idea what it means. Anyone know?

Think it’s just the bookmark glyph you’re mentioning.

Grey: You’ve read the post but don’t have it bookmarked.

Blue: You’ve bookmarked the post.

Orange: It’s the last post you’ve read and you do not have it bookmarked.

Tooltip’s do try to suggest what they mean. Once you have a post bookmarked:

it seems you can find it from your profile section:

The orange bookmark glyph seems to work about half the time. Sometimes it’s not too accurate. But seems like quite a few people pick up on that on the meta site for discourse. Favorites with the star icon does come up on the front page itself as the “Starred” tab

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Thanks @Viv a brilliant response!

I love tooltips and wish there were an equivalent on mobile cos it really undermines UX to not have them.