Extracting Maidsafe Coins From Paper Wallet

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I have a paper Bitcoin omnibus wallet dating back 4 years into which I moved my Maidsafe coins about 3 years ago. I’m now looking to transfer my paper wallet holdings into a Ledger Nano S. before I do anything what are the implications for my Maidsafe coins if I import or sweep my private key into Blockchain.info then transfer my bitcoin to the Ledger?



Omni-tokens (incl MAID) are not supported by any hardware wallet yet. So to act on your MAID you will still need to import the private keys into something like omniwallet.org’s wallet


Careful with sweep.

I think that sweeps all coins from your old addresses to your new addresses. This would transfer your bitcoins, but any Omni assets would remain on your old address.
Don’t throw away your old keys.

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Thanks has anyone ever successfully transferred MAID from a bitcoin paper wallet?

If I import the paper wallet private key into the omniwallet does that affect my Bitcoin stored on the paper wallet? Or will it still exist on the paper wallet?

Importing the key doesn’t affect the wallet in any way - it just means you’ve exposed the key and there’s a possibility it will be stolen (eg by malware).

Once you’ve imported a private key, you will be able to move MAID, which will take a small amount of the bitcoin at the source address to pay for the transfer, but the remaining bitcoin will be unaffected.


All the coins live on the blockchain. Importing keys into a wallet (paper wallet is just keys) allows the wallet to generate transactions and report on what is at the address.

omniwallet.org can move BTC as well as any omni-token


Thanks everyone. So the general consensus is that I need to import the private key into omniwallet, move MAID to exchange, then sweep paper wallet to Blockchain.info, then move the Bitcoins to Ledger.

As soon as you import the private keys into omniwallet, you can move the BTC too. Does sweep just mean copying the private keys into the Ledger. If not then just use omniwallet to move the BTC into the address that Ledger is using.

Thanks neo that’s a good point that I didn’t think of. From omniwallet I’ll just move the BTC to Ledger.

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Thanks for an informing thread. If I want to extract MAID from an exchange and store it in the form of a paper wallet, what would be the first step?

I am not quite sure that I understand the form or type of the MAID token? It is not ethereum based (ERC20)? But is it then bitcoin based?

I am new to crypto and I apologize for the these questions.

I have searched the forum, but did not find any guides :slight_smile: If you have any links I will be happy!

They are Omni protocol tokens, which run on top of Bitcoin. So the first step would be making a Bitcoin paper wallet

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There is one hardware wallet option for MAID which allows for offline keys & MAID transactions; an offline computer with Armory.

Armory addresses can be added to OMNI to perform offline Omni asset transactions.

One thing to check is whether you’ll need to use an older version of Armory to use non-segwit addresses, or whether segwit addresses work fine with Omni-armory offline transactions.

Edit: for this, a cheap windows 10 64-bit tablet will do the job, but unfortunately it won’t work on a 32-bit version of Windows.

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Just create a bitcoin paper wallet from bitaddress.org and transfer the MAID over. Then monitor it using omniwallet. That’s what I did.

thanks a lot! So I generate an address on bitaddress.org (or any better suggestions?) ? :slight_smile: and do you have any notes on what I need to be particularly careful with?

Being security conscious I went to extremes when creating my paper wallets. This is what I did:

Burnt a copy of bitaddress.org to CD-ROM. Wiped a new PC then used that fresh offline PC and CD-ROM to create the bitcoin addresses. Then using a none internet connected printer printed out the private and public keys on a few sheets of waterproof paper and disguised that data encrypted as something ordinary. Finally I distributed each sheet to a separate geographical location.


thanks a lot :slight_smile: will fees from transferring MAID be paid in btc? and what might the size be?

If they are to be paid in btc - will I then have to transfer btc to the paper wallet address first?

Yes, you need to have some BTC at the address to pay the fee. It used to be small but I’m not sure what it is atm. Maybe somebody who has done this recently can tell you.

I think the avg. transaction fee for BTC is 30 USD. Will it be the same fee to transfer MAID? (just so that I can calculate what amount to send to the address)

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Sorry mate, just dropping in on this thread so apologies if this isn’t the answer your chasing.

Fees for moving MAID from paper wallet onto Omni for sending MAID? is that what your referring to? Best to pop 0.003 to 0.004 btc into your paper wallet to be sure if your not moving it till 1-1 exchange for Safecoin.

You can get away with quite a bit less at the moment but it depends on how many transfers you’ve done previous. I remember @neo explained it a few weeks ago (sorry couldn’t dig up the post hence I tagged him).

Hope that helps (apologies if it’s not the info your after)

Why when you create new omni wallet do you receive some Omni free?
What are you supposed to do with them?