Ethereum's first milestone release Frontier is coming

I was just reading about Ethereum and found this article:

It seems that Ethereum’s first milestone release called Frontier is coming out in a few days. This is similar to Maidsafe’s Dev Bundle 1. I thought it was pretty cool that two new decentralized networks are coming out at about the same time.


Well there is a little difference. They are going “live” with this one. It’s not a testnet, they’ve already had a lot of these POC’s (Proof Of Concepts). They also had security audits from different companies which tested the protocol, the software (especially the Go-client). I think they did quite an amazing job, even when there’s no GUI with the launch. It’s all command line client. But great to see that in software, a guy like Vitalik comes up with a great idea, the Bitcoin community put’s millions in it, and within 24 months the thing goes live and we all have a new cryptoplatform in the form of a decentralized computer on a blockchain.


Market welcomed the news with a shortlived jump to $5.54 of Ethercoin. People paid $0.23 in the first few weeks of the IPO.

If I understood well, they also have cooperations of some kind with IBM and Samsung. Somehow I still think Bitcoin, Safe Network/Safecoin and Ethereum/Ether will go dominate the crypto future, in a friendly competition.


Can’t wait for it to happen so we can get augur up and running. Decentralized prediction market.