ETH Advertisements - The Platypus campaign

Hey friends,

let’s discuss the following idea. Imagine creating an ERC20 token with a name for advertising when we have vaults from home again and they work in alpha version (more or less stable). We add it to UniSwap and add liquidity to it to have a price to display in the ETH explorers and we send it to the millions of people on the ethereum network.

This, of course, will only be an advertising token to draw attention to the Alpha / Beta network. What do you think?


It’s kinda trolly but honestly, I love it. The fact that SAFE crowdfunded before ETH and ETH launched first and got extremely popular yet we didn’t make an ERC20 token, did things our own way and then launch beta to put a useless coin to disperse across their network just to advertise is like a big middle finger. :rofl:

Obviously we need to be launched first but this would be epic.


We need this or meme coin.
I like what Banano is doing.
btw. As Mav show the 2% rule it is worth 0,74% of Nano cmc.

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I like that it’s funny and trolly, so as far as geurilla marketing, +1!

What happens to the coins after the marketing campaign? Do they just hang around I guess? Would be kinda funny if the meme coin took on a life of its own and becomes a legit store of value one day :laughing:

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I think we should focus all efforts on getting to a working beta. There will be no need for any, ANY, advertising if we get this thing to work.

Friend, if you’re not going to party, at least don’t spoil the fun for others.



Tomorrow’s dogecoin…


Yes, I wonder what people are more likely to review. A coin with a site name or a coin with another name such as platypus. For example, you get 1 platypus coin in your wallet. We will have to prepare a site for it in advance and rank it in a good place in Google or write on Twitter, etc.


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Another idea … What if 1 Platypus coin is not a useless advertising token and with it you can claim 1 -100 MB of space in the Safe network and test Safe chat / Safe email / Safe tube, etc.?


No, the advertising coin is a better idea. Low cost advertising direct to the target audience.

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Is there some benefit to buying the advertising coin over plain-old MAID and storing things on the network? Would that divert buy/sell traffic away from the actual MAID coin (Or any incentive program for the ad coin in general, now that I think about it)?

Who said you would buy it? It is airdrop. You receive it at your ethereum address for free, if you are interested you check what it is and see that you can get 1-100 MB of free space in the SAFE network if you present it to the organizers of the promotion - it’s like a discount coupon.


Ah ok, thanks for the clarification!

A site name is kinda memey and fun, but, now that I think about it, might also make it look a bit dodgy. Could have a legit name that’s still memey and attention grabbing without giving nigerian-prince-wants-to-give-me-money vibes to the uninitiated :laughing:

Nothing prevents us from testing both ideas in the same time…


Just having the #safenetwork Twitter feed shown might be enough. The subtitle could be “eth apocalypse” or “breaker of chains… Blockchains.”

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Very good idea. I see no reason not to try all three at once. Everyone can support whatever he likes personally :dragon:


Could get a bit costly with current gas fees. There was some demo recently of using rollups to onboard users with Reddit tokens. Do you remember the details? Using that approach for an airdrop could be cheaper.

I’d rather see something more collaborative. Something nobody mentioned yet in all of this Ethereum talk is using SAFE as the background data store for a web 3 site resolved using ENS. People normally link their ENS resolver with an IPFS hash I think (Swarm hashes were supported, but that project is also still in development). So SAFE could also play this roll.


Well we are at least 1-2 years before the beta. There is time for the fees in Ethereum 2 to become low. Just a brainstorm here to pass the wait with something useful. You will have to explain the other things you are talking about in more detail, because I am not familiar with them

The idea of creating a billion and one coins and selling one for a dollar, then calling yourself a billionaire, is not new.

Spamming wallets with airdrops of coin that is only for advertising?.. silly idea because everyone likes spam???.. surely we can do better.

The associated action is outright scam… pumping a market for a coin that truely holds no value.

Bad idea… which will only risk assocting SAFE with other cowboy projects… albeit in a niche that is ETH.


People used to spam with btc dust with a msg attached.
I was grateful for the dust, but never read the messages.