Encrypted file sharing

Encrypted file sharing would be a neat demo/feature on SAFE - store direct to your public shares. Here’s a functioning UI that we could mimic as a SAFE Web App.

Anyone want to try building this on SAFE for trying out during testing?

If nobody does this I might have a go myself, but feel free to grab and run with it:



Nice ! Maybe we should add this feature to the demo app first.

Why public shares are encrypted ? If it’s public, the decrypt key would be shared with everyone right ?


Why public shares are encrypted ? If it’s public, the decrypt key would be shared with everyone right ?

To ensure anonymity of uploader and downloader.


To make sure the data is spread across machines and self validating. Also prevents folks opening chunks to reveal any info. There are debates saying I can tell which chunks belong to a file if I store up all datamaps etc. and that is true, but many ways to obfuscate so even those storing do not know the chunk names. Anyhow that’s another story :wink:

Also helps hugely with up/download of data. Again more info needed but the second last hop can encrypt to last hop so even connected (relay) nodes cannot tell what’s being transferred. It’s an easy addin to the code.

Yes shared with whoever requests it, from say a web link etc.


I shared this on twitter a while back and it has now achieved “nice share” so some indication it’s generating interest and might be worth someone creating an App (web App?) that uses SAFEnetwork.

This would be a viral opportunity for SAFEnetwork, able to bring new users by asking them to create an account in order to download a file that has been shared by someone else.


Oh boy so it’s trending on twitter…looks like your gonna be busy :slight_smile:


I’m already busy, this is a great little app anyone can build, and would be good for SAFEnetwork. :slight_smile:

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With the demo app, we can just upload a file on our public share and give the link to someone like mydns.safenet/lolcat.png. You just want to build another nice UI ?

Yes - I haven’t thought this through but - I can see there are lots of file sharing options (both websites and applications) available, but still think that one that uses SAFEnetwork could have added value for users (e.g anonymous, available forever), the developer and the network.

It would be low cost to develop, so has no need to make money from users’ info or advertising (yet might still profit from PtD in some way). The key would be to make it very slick and easy to use, and to capitalize on the viral aspect of file sharing. I’m thinking about how hitting a sweet spot in terms of UI & UX can be a massive factor - does anyone remember how we had pkarc… pkzip… etc for years, then along came WinZip which did the same thing but with a really well thought out UI and sold millions?

A well thought out App or Web App for file sharing is ripe for viral adoption, which would be great for both the developer and for SAFEnetwork.

my attempt at this : POC : Introducing SafeShare, a file sharing and pasting webapp :slight_smile: