eMaid Bridge is back online

Hi all,

We have detected suspicious activity and we are on top of it. To prevent illegitimate minting we have temporarily suspended the bridge.

We will keep you updated.


Great work and I can imagine the community really appreciates the open and swift communication of Altcoinomy.


Any news on this?


The bridge is back online.

No funds have been lost, no overmint happened, no system was compromised.

I won’t give details of what happened for security reasons. Essentially it’s not a bug or a faulty code but more a problem coming from our infrastructure in some extreme circumstances, and it can be and will be fully resolved eventually.

As a remediation for now, we have resumed the co-signing process but please note that:

  • we have disabled automated validation (for smaller amounts).

  • we have extended co-signing “grace period” from 24 hours to 72 hours

We understand it’s not ideal for users, but this is the safe way for now to ensure no overminting ever happens.


Thank you so much for the update on this. It’s great to see that the bridge is in such professional hands, it gives great confidence.

Even though the security measures are no ideal, I doubt it will hurt anyone as people using the bridge now have waited for over a year, I’m sure they can wait 2 additional days.

Thanks again Olivier and the team!


Big thanks to you and your team @SwissPrivateBanker !

I went through the process just the other week and it was straightforward and painless. I appreciate all that you are doing!