Elon Musk to the rescue again (developing internet satellites)


Well if this works out well have an easy enough job to send a couple of these babies ourselves. With this man’s track record we can be sure they will be professional grade.


and it started!

The flight is currently scheduled for May 15th out of Cape Canaveral, Florida.

has this been discussed? with china and iran trying to make a intranet in their countries is that something that would provide the safe network, truly, global, private and unsencored access?

has the team talked with elon musk for the specifications of the satelites maybe? maybe create a new networking standard so people all over the world can connect without limitations?

the satellites are meant to fly in a synchronized dance over the Earth, providing internet to every region of the planet.

This was mention in the whats up today topic.

The problem is that the satellites will not be talking to joe public, but large infrastructure. So the ISPs and other large data centres will be the ones taking advantage of his (upto 12000) satellite network.

Only in the (far) future will there be considerations of opening it up for smaller fry to connect directly to it.

thats bad… all someone would need was an antenna in the top of the building and have unrestricted access to internet…

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