Dynamic URL's on Safenet? MySQL databases?

Hello! Just curious will be smth like PHP availible on Safenetwork? Just html for test now… What’s with databases?

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The network is:

A key-value store, or key-value database, a computer program designed for storing, retrieving, and managing associative arrays, a data structure more commonly known today as a dictionary or hash.

So key-value databases like Riak, Cassandra, Redis, Memcached , HyperDex

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Besides working as a no-sql database, you can deal with Dynamic URLs on the same way SPA apps deal with - on the JS side. This forum itself runs using this technique (when you click on a post, JS loads the requested content using ajax and then, it manipulates the url using html’s 5 pushState method).


In most cases, you won’t need MySQL or traditional servers.

In the few cases when you will, you’ll be able to do something like this, for example.

Thanks for the answer! My knowledge at these fields are outdated… So if I need to create site with dynamic content (like on PHP, even without DB) - what minimum I shuld learn ant what is the best/easiest tool for me?

Have a search here for “dynamic websites” and SAFEpress and you’ll start to get the idea. We haven’t got solutions to this yet, but several people have been floating ideas and some are working on solutions. One of those is @Seneca so also search for his Project Decorum which is a decentralised forum on SAFE.


I started SAFEpress to solve exactly this kind of problem, and build tools to make it easier to create dynamic websites. I’m technical, but very rusty, old, and don’t have the client side (javascript) skills to figure out the details.

We had some initial enthusiasm and I wrote down an outline design, but we don’t have enough people with time to get into this so it has been stalled. There is a lot of interest in having it, but we need people who can get together and build it first! :slight_smile:

For anyone interested in breathing life into SAFEpress there is a Google group for discussions, and other resources listed at http://safepress.org (currently mirrored on SAFEnetwork at http://safepress.safenet :slight_smile: )