Does MaidSafe have an Advisery Board?

Lots of companies have an Advisery Board.

Having prominent people that are associated with big companies on an Advisery Board can really help a company with street cred.

Does MaidSafe have an advisory board?

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Yes and we will be extending it. We have Craig Sellers from the Mastercoin crowd (he was very helpful and honest all the way, even during the issues we had) and also Michael Jackson (ex Skype COO). Importantly we also have the community :wink:


Micheal Jackson lol…


That’s great to have some big names pulling for Maidsafe.

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Would should Richard Brnson put together a group of Elder’s from all walks of life minsters doctors
teachers scientist’s legal and sportsman to live in this new community that will above all goverments
and countries. I have a personal friendship with him and his family he be a great group to have co existance with.
He is a class act English Gentleman and it was an honor to go on outing with him. Jeff Bezos has this concierge
life coach medical practice called Arivale! My good friend Mark Allen Coaching is way better and you don’t habe to pay
an extra $25,000 a year to have physician assitiant tell you not depressed !!! hahaha

If you are friends with Richard Branson, please let him know that it’s not OK to push privatising of our national health service, and take the money he makes from it out of the country and not pay fair taxes.

He’s a tax cheat who feeds off others like a leech IMO, and shouldn’t be given any qudos by associating him with this project or community.


I agree ! I have only played tennis with him once and
I never discussed any business.I am working on website and Iam also writing for pub med and BMJ
So trying to keep up on both fields of knowledge. Thank you and really appreciate your help with beginners. Cheers

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