Does anyone use the Data-Storage aspect of MAID


I am a new user on the SAFE network, I joined becuase I am looking for a decentralized file storage system that can be shared with other users.

Does anyone use the MAID data storage features? Is it live yet?



you should search for safe-fs in the forum =)

there is service (again) to plug in safe as an additional hard drive into your pc … but i guess there might be someone working an such a fuse drive somewhere :slight_smile: … because it would be such an awesome feature =)

since the safe network is still in an early alpha stage there are no super-professional storage providers yet … so if you need a solution right now this sadly is not the place you should search i’m afraid … but of course the storage aspect is a mighty one (even if i see it as the most boring aspect of safe) and there are people working on this …


Data is not yet preserved from one test to another, and might even be wiped during a test if necessary although maidsafe are currently working on making it possible to preserve data between tests.

So it’s all testing for now.


Ah thats good to know! Thanks!