Devs Maidsafe On Learning Sites?

I’ll first start by saying that I’m not a coder, so I actually don’t have the right to even talk about coding. But… This is about promoting Maidsafe. There is now a poll asking “Most popular dev languages” and maybe it’s important that some of the Maidsafe code eventually moves to learning sites. Codecademy for instance has Javascript & Python.

When you make your KillerApp try to get it on a learning site. Because that way new people will maybe get interested in Maidsafe. The more new people who want to code, see Maidsafe on learning sites, the more it might attract them to take a further look. And maybe even start coding their own Maidsafe app.

We won’t get enough exposure if all Maidsafe related projects are on Github. HERE IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF HOW BITCOIN’S GETTING PROMOTION. I’m to lazy to look for other sites, but there are plenty that you can use give Maidsafe extra exposure.

tHANX 4 reading, if you read it all and KEEP CODING



Here’s a minimal set of natural rules for your reference:

  • You have the right to talk about anything.
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I’ve no doubt there will be how-to articles on as soon as there’s something to work on/with.


Actually the point I’m trying to make is that it should not only be on Github or It should be on learning sites as well, that way, new people can get to know about Maidsafe through the project that built App for the network.

I was lazy the last time, but if you make anything Maidsafe related try to also get it on sites like: If you make a Maidsafe game

These are just a few example where Maidsafe related projects could live and new people would find us. Every little video, new article that we publish on another site might draw new people’s attention to Maidsafe.

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