Dev Update week beginning :safe: 24 november 2014

Hey Niall,
Can you post a reference to the EU laws you’re speaking of? I’m pulling the canary because of this but there is an accompanied blog post which I still want to publish - it just needs some updating to reflect this.

I wonder why EFF doesn’t disclose any of this in their canary FAQ.
Seems like businesses which are not solely operational in the US specifically indicate US gag’s in their canaries, ie. Apple.

Another interesting thing I just discovered upon looking deeper is Moxie Marlenspike’s refusal to issue a warrant canary for WhisperSystem’s servers. He doesn’t specify whether the servers are located in US or not, but this makes me think they’re probably not.

Now the bigger question becomes: freedom of speech in the US or freedom to not get killed by cops in EU?

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