Dev docs and language bindings?

Is there any indication when there will be (app) dev documentation available and also language bindings for non-rust devs. I am Kotlin dev (created Signalz test app for the old safenetwork, year or two ago) and I am curious when I will have the chance to try the new net?


Hey, welcome back. I don’t know about Kotlin.

There are no official language bindings right now, so for non-Rust I think the way would be to compile to wasm if you can do that. I’ve not done that for a while, and from Rust rather than to bind with Rust so might not be talking sense. :thinking:

As for docs, there is a reasonable set at and there are examples documented in the safe_network repo README, and then there is the code itself, both under that repo and by others like myself and @Traktion. @loziniak has made language bindings for Red, but that’s the only other case. He’s also been looking at ways to improve the API. There are some conversations about that and how to achieve various things here and also on the Dev forum

I have a demo app ready to go when I have enough nanos to upload some data to the network, but the source code is available and you can run it with a local testnet. That’s built using Tauri (Svelte + Rust) which targets desktop and mobile all at once.