Demonsaw Anonymous File share Uses Social Cryptography

Interesting new way yo share files.


If only it was open source to try it. Fortunately or Unfortunately John McAfee spends a lot of time endorsing plenty of products like this. No way to verify what it is, if in fact it is good.

That look like the core security for demonsaw.


Where does it say it isn’t open source?

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I stand corrected. Thanks for finding that, I saw the website a few days ago and didn’t find the source code link on the website.

It is great to see all of these p2p evolution appearing in the wild. It makes me really excited when I think about what these brilliant minds made with the broken internet and even more excited about what they will build with the SAFE network.

This coder seems like they would be perfect partner for building SAFE based gaming.


We need him and rockstar game on safenet.