Decentralized and SMART energy supply of the future

Photovoltaics with Wind Power. Build your future farming network.


Link to SMA site lands you on about page

Do you think SAFE Network can enhance in any way the logistical infrastructure necessary to control the energy supply and demand?


I have made a thread about this before Is maidsafe viable for a smart grid network?
There was someone who joined the conversation later on that was informative. But I didn’t get very much good discussion about the actual topic early in the thread. I think it makes sense because these networks are connected to the Internet and therefore vulnerable.


Everyone is smart. I guess the stupid are paying the subsidies?

How much per KwH before the stupid get involved?


Sorry I started another thread. I didn’t see it before. The internet of things will always be dependent on electricity and I think having an unsecured/centralized control over electricity could be a huge remaining security risk once the SAFE network is live.

SMA seems to be a great company and I love their inverters (AC power on this side of the pond), but we already see with Project SAFE that you can not have a decentralized-any-network with a centralized company at the core.

Something that includes a social connection like SMA’s: Sunny Places would be really cool.

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