Decentralised apps to help science (eg, data, analysis)

I’m new here. I wonder if you could point me in the right
direction. A potential use case for a decentralised app, possibly on the SAFE network - or
somewhere else (if not already planned - I couldn’t find it). (thanks to dirkhoving for referring my - I 1st asked at Ethereum).

Thousands of scientists need to access their data from centralised sources -
each website is typically fiddly, and updates to the data used not easily
notified. Examples include epidemiologists, sociologists, economists, but many
more. It would aid the efficiency and reproducibility of science if these were
downloaded in the same file structure for each use, and updates could be
automatically added. Could ethereum do this? among other things this would also
aid pooling of analysis of different studies (meta analysis).

Aside from the data, would also aid the reproducibility of science if the
statistical analysis syntax was also shared (stata do file or spss equivilent


example website:


Sounds to me like more of a SAFE app than an etherium App.

In theory anything you can do on a website you should be able to host on SAFE, Only your storage will be de-centralized all over the world, not dependent on a single server that can be hacked or taken down.

I know has done a lot of work on this area.

I found that in the EU there are similar thoughts being enacted upon…

Posted a bit of an off-the-wall question after seeing an interesting universe gif just now.

Thoughts? :earth_africa: