Cryptocurrency startup Confido pulls exit scam after raising $375K in ICO


If your just a newbie in this space this can happen, just a pretty website with meaningless faces means nothing.

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…aaaand it’s gone.


I know a few of those lol. What shocks me the most is the tiny amount of money people will risk their lives and livelihoods for.

I’m waiting on the USDT scandal now.

I’m amazed why you would want to be a scammer with this project.

  • You’ve raised $375K (enough money to get the project coded)
  • Your coin even reached over $1, with a minimum marketcap of $9M
  • Your token is on 3 exchanges

Some people are just so ungrateful when people pay attention to their project.

Even if you couldn’t make the service that your project is offering just copy/paste bitrated

Because they have been offering your fantasy story for years

But no, somehow your smarter than the internet? Yeah right :laughing:

It’s easy money! The crypto space is bonkers and completely detached from reality in most cases. Venture capitalists must be laughing at the insanity from the side lines!

You only need to read the trading thread on this forum to realise that people are annoyed at eye popping returns, because they have missed the latest pump. It is a sort of madness.


Here comes the kicker, he had 6M tokens (which at a certain point was worth $6M) of the 15M total supply. This has more to do with math, some kids just don’t do the math.

Now your a fugitive, your money will run out and your forever on people their untrusted list. Good luck with your new ICOnfido, he can better get some Concoin because he will need it.

Wow I have the knowledge of a real eye popping minimum guaranteed 3x return, maybe I can do an ICO? If there are annoyed people here who are willing to invest a total of $21K in my ICO (the 3x ROI token detail will be release after a successful ICO), let me know if your interested :eye::popcorn: