Create a safecoin token now?

There a significant amount of interest in the future SAFE network, yet the wallet options and reliance on Masterxchange really limits liquidity in Maidsafecoins.

Is it feasible to clone an existing coin and make the jump to a Safecoin token now?

Safecoin only exist on SAFE network, so this isn’t possible until the network launches.

Sure. This would just be a token that has an exodus address to make the jump at a safe time. The idea here is to allow us to trade on other exchanges and have a wallet that is familiar to all.

OK, I see. I don’t see how you could peg a new token to Maidsafecoin/Safecoin, and if you could, then it would be simpler to peg it to Maidsafecoin. Evenso, maybe the issue is not lack of trading opportunities, but that not many MaidSafecoin holders are into trading and bought coin to hold.

I’m not talking about pegging anything. I’m talking about leaving Mastercoin now. It’s really complicated for common folks like myself.

s, but that not many MaidSafecoin holders are into trading and bought coin to hold.

I am one of them, but I hesitate to buy more going though masterexchange. No offense to them, but the “transparent” .9% trading fees and the small audience on their site isn’t serving the investors well.

– edit –

Actually, we wouldn’t necessarily need to leave mastercoin, but there would be a burn address that converts to the new coin.

It would take effort away from the development and other priorities, and create unnecessary risk for existing investors, so it doesn’t seem sensible to me when the network itself should be live in a couple of months.

Yes. This was my concern and reason for posting.

If we’re only a couple of months out, then you are right. It’s a waste of time; however, I seemed to recall TestNet 3 wasn’t on target until the beginning of 2015. That’s at least six months, and if we get delayed…

Looking at the roadmap, end of Sept seems unrealistic. Hopefully I’m wrong.