Could watermarking data fix it all?

Interesting idea!
All public data is watermarked by default. This removes one more speed bump for uploaders. This incentive encourages to me use the Network, even thought I have to pay to PUT.

One Condition
I think human feedback is necessary to assist the Network in determining rewards. The network can easily measure traffic, but doesn’t know if that traffic is (support or curiosity) by consumer.

One example could be a popular song that WILL get modified (to steal original uploader’s position) and re-uploaded to an aggregator where high traffic already exists… Basically a copy cat clone.

A (LIKE) Farming system could help distinguish the difference between the copy cat clone and the original. But if the people support the changes made (lyrics added), then they LIKE the copy cat clone and show their support.

Here’s how I see this working…
When a consumer “likes” a video or blog or whatever, they are sending a “+1 like” to the watermark address. Is this possible? If so, then each LIKE initiates a farming attempt for the watermark address, not the chunk. Regardless of the file size, the reward is determined by actual support.

Obviously, we must prevent/mitigate spamming from the same person. Otherwise the uploader would spam their watermark content for free farming attempts. I’m still working on possible solutions to prevent LIKE spamming. See below…

Q & A
What about multiple account creations?
It costs 1SC to “activate” an account, because LIKING is a PUT request. Keep in mind the LIKE is only a farm attempt, not a guaranteed payout.

What about disconnecting and reconnecting, getting a new XOR address?
If the LIKE is associated with my accounts ID, then XOR address doesn’t matter. This means I can only LIKE a watermark content once. Repeat likes would get deduplicated.

What about user collusion?
Yes, a group of users could agree to “like” each others content. They can even upload multiple 1MB content to generate more artificial LIKES (farming attempts). There are a few ways to mitigate it. See below…

Most ideal solution?
LIKING would cost 1 Safecoin. The SC gets recycled back into the Network, adding to its revenue. Spamming LIKES on your own content would result in a net loss, because you only get a farming attempt.

One drawback of this solution is when SC becomes more valuable (i.e. worth more $$$). Then 1 click liking becomes expensive. Divisibility would be required as well as a way to decrease how much SC it costs to submit a LIKE.

Why can’t a LIKE pay 1 SC directly to the content owner (watermark address)?
Because then the owner could LIKE their own content for free, making it look like it’s popular when it is not.