Pay the Content Creators - Safe Filetypes for Auditability and Proof of Creation

I was thinking about data deduplication on the safe network, and how that had been linked to giving control and/or special rewards to content producers.

The huge problem with that is of course that this assumes that the content creator and the first uploader are the same person/entity. The other thing is that if you are intentionally try to game the deduplication algorithms you probably can, so people could tweak it and repost content and then get the same rewards.

Well, I was pondering this morning and wondering, could we make a specific filetype that would allow the network to be sure that its deduplication algorithms are working? Then we could have apps on top of that, that ask the network how sure it is that its deduplication features are working, or being interfered with. Only videos that the safenetwork has a certain level of confidence are not gaming the deduplication features would be eligible for creator rewards etc.

Also, this brings up another point which is the ability to audit the creation of content. Obviously, if you are making a piece of digital art or music you want every state, every change that you made to be recorded and reversible, just so that you can go back if you screw up. But what people may not be aware is that in music world for example, when making a digital master for a major record label, you document EVERYTHING. Every track that gets laid down is not just recorded but the making is filmed, there is a screen recording going throughout the entire production process. The reason they do this is so that if they get sued for copyright infringement, they can go through and show a judge and jury literally the entire process minute for minute. Most of the time this proof just goes into the files of the record label forever, though these days people are uploading it on youtube or using it as promotional materials, behind the scenes type stuff.

But my question is, how hard would it be to make a filetype that documents the creation of a particular piece of music. A hashed file that is able to show each change was done, at 12:00:00, these two tracks were linked, at 12:00:25, track A had this effect applied to it, at 12:00:45, that effect was reversed etc.

So I know that the safenetwork could offer the audit capability as a service, say as a plugin to Logic Pro or other production software, something that could be stored and brought out to show a judge in the conventional justice system. What I am wondering is, would it be possible for the network, dealing with a specific filetype, to say, okay these files look like raw audio, raw video, and these files look like edited audio and video, and Oh, I have an audit file that shows me if I apply these processes to the raw files I get this finished produced track.

The goal here is to make it extremely time consuming to game this. If I start with the edited final track, most likely I cannot get back to the original raw files, and even if I did, it would take me endless hours, and access to the precise right (and oftentimes highly expensive) software, to recreate the production process.

I realize that this does not do much for poor creators who are being exploited by a studio, but its a step in the right direction.

What do you think? Technically possible?

And to you content creators (I’m looking at you @whiteoutmashups) is this desireable? Does this solve a pain point for you?

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Why would they get the same rewards.

If an artist upload their works in very high quality and their fans access the works then why would someone who “treaks it” and uploads get the same rewards? If I was a fan of xyz artist then I would go to the artist’s site and use their uploaded works, not some other unknown.

Not possible, somronr duplicating will just use whatever file type they want. So that defeats any idea of an APP to check.[quote=“kirkion, post:1, topic:13216”]
Obviously, if you are making a piece of digital art or music you want every state, every change that you made to be recorded and reversible, just so that you can go back if you screw up.

If you upload a 100 MByte piece of work then its stored and you get a datamap. Call it version 1.0 (or whatever) of you work. Then you update it and get a new datamap, then save that and you could call it version 1.1 (or whatever) and do this for every version of your work.

Then if you decide that 3 version ago was the best then simply use the datamap from that version and put that up on you site as the version of the work to use.

Having an APP to manage the versions would be a great idea.

Sounds like you need to find some professional studio program that already does this and use the SAFE mounted as a drive and use the program and specify the drive letter (or mount directory) of the SAFE mounted drive. Otherwise you need someone to rewrite a program to do these things.

The rest of your query is up t to the program. SAFE will provide the storage and the program would provide the “audit”. The audit process is purely an APP as the SAFE network is really too low level for what you need. SAFE provides a secure unalterable storage that can be proven to be unchanged. Different versions actually store the changed parts in new chunks leaving the earlier ones untouched.

You cannot stop copying by “filetypes” enforced by SAFE since the person copying would simply bypass that and store the file under a normal file type (eg .mp4)

The idea that I was trying to propose was, making an app that only pays out creators, if you can verify that you are the content creator, or at least have access to the production logs.

And if they want to they are free to do so, but then they are just sharing a filetype, and would not be able to participate the App marketplace that I am proposing.

Exactly, I am simply suggesting a way of doing this, that the system can verify without needing to rely on non-digital systems for information and authorization.

Ah that makes more sense.

Verifying content creator might not be that easy and are enough creators going to willing to share their production logs or take the effort to do that.

Would they not simply create their own safesite and either sell their works or take advantage of pay-the-producer (that may be implemented later on). Fans would go to the artist’s website. Or the creator/artist may use something like N99 (@we_advance) to promote their works.

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Well that was my question. Is this something that all the pieces are in place for except for the deduplication features of the SAFE network?

Or is this something that would require whole new algorithms before and never written code, like routing.

Because if there is one thing I have learned over the past three years its that, solving problems that no one has ever solved before is much more timeconsuming than implementing old solutions in new ways.

IDK I’ve honestly given up on PtP schemes. The more I think about it, the more I think the network should be neutral, maybe even to the point of ONLY rewarding farmers??

In terms of everything else, I think a totally optional, donation based economy can take over the world on SAFE. With easy and free-to-send micropayments being so easy, more and more people would optionally pay / donate to video, image, app, document, website etc producers to keep them going.

The whole world can easily and instantly access your creations, so the whole world can easily donate if it values your creations.

I’m just starting to think that the more we try to set arbitrary rules, the more people will leave / fork SAFE for a more free / neutral network.

This also helps it from being gamed and helps the world go away from centralization, because if one group is getting way too powerful and taking over with AI etc (GOOGLE) then the PEOPLE still have total control over that groups income! And can cut it off!

That’s where I’m at now.


It’s exactly at where I’m at too… :smile:


I think that a donation-based economy is the way to go here. Sure, some people won’t pay (or don’t have money or whatever), but those who do have the money and enjoy the creator’s work would pay. Especially with a prominent “I need donations to keep making the stuff you love. Please consider donating if you are able” banner. Guilt tripping works really well for those things. I know that I fall prey to it and I don’t even really have the money to support other creators.

A donation-based economy also circumvents the ethical issues with limiting access to ‘premium’ users. It inherently favors those who are more affluent while ignoring the poorer people. Who might not have a good enough internet connection or hard drive to run a vault and earn safecoin to pay for access.

Sure, you get piracy, but the economy doesn’t care about already-produced content. Those are impossible to restrict. The economy is based on the potential of new content and as a show of gratitude for content creation. It’s basically a tips jar and investment all rolled into one.


yes, would be very easy to add in optional things, like apps that give micropayments based on how much of something you read, view, or use, etc. All optional though. But micropayments and donations have so much synergy and possibilities, to totally flip the global online economy inside out forever