Connecting safenets?

What happens if you connect two large Safenets together? Will this be possible? What will then happen to the safecoins in each network? How will they be redistributed?

Could you create your own fork of the network and then connect it to the larger one? Would it then be possible to “create” safecoins in your own net and have them transferred to the larger one, and in this way game the system?

:smiley: No. The smaller network would not be able to upload safecoin (or any data) to a larger network. The small network would not have groups close enough to work, also with non persistent vaults the small network would need to join the large network one by one and be given the data it should have.


OK. Sounds good! :slight_smile: .

Ah, another reason why non-persistent Vaults makes sense. I makes the network more solid an more amorphous at the same time.


@dirvine What happens when i have generated safecoin within my small network store them in my wallet and want to exchange them for other currencies?

Does that mean safecoin generated is only usable within that specific instance of safenet?

Means it’s your own special type of safecoin.

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I remember a discussion on this forum some months ago about what happens to the safe network when a country is cut off the internet for a while and then reconnected again. The answer was that the newly generated safecoins are lost, but the data remain. If this is not the case any more, a lot of important video footage during a revolution/uprising might get lost…

@dirvine has this video FAQ from last September that answers your comment. With the vaults now being non-persistant is the answer proposed still correct @dirvine?

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There are proposals coming along (RFCs) that will explain this part much more clearly. There is need for segmented networks to perform certain things. safecoin will not be farmed (as the difficulty rate change will catch a segmentation). It’s possible for the smaller network to store data and through negotiation upload it, just not safecoin (network controlled).

Otherwise all sorts of crazies will try daft things to get money for nothing as dire staits would say :slight_smile:

There is a natural protection for safecoin as the person you may try to buy it from is on other network etc. I will go very deep into this soon enough. Needless to say farming your own on your mini network won’t work :-). There is also the possibility of burned safecoins merging as they use cryptographic proof of burn (Delete request for signed / owned data) and not group consensus. It becomes a different thing al together.