Community update June 8th 2015

Short on time at the moment but want to get this up before I forget (again).

Future edit space

Let’s let the devs know how we’ve been helping out the project from the community side.


SAFE Crossroads went live on LTB network: Stats 317 listens to Episode 1 prior to release. Over 3200 now.

Ready to release next come Wed evening. Getting good percent of magic word redemptions as well. For those that don’t know, go to, sign up, set up a counterwallet address. Enter the magic word within the time limit and receive a distribution of listener rewards in LTBcoin. Not worth tons, but fun and useful.

Continued edit on wiki.

Relaunched project, SAFE Glossary project, NUDGE for community input - #3 by fergish, for community to contribute to compiling a thorough SAFE Glossary entry list, and help with definitions as well. Feel free to participate, especially in adding terms you think should be included, whether your have a definition or not.

and other stuff. Having fun.


Here’s a picture of the safe exchange game application :grinning: I hope to have a video demonstration for LIFE is People; it has much functionality to demonstrate it’ll super fun to connect with this with friends over SAFE Network; :smile:


all I want is maid safe for Christmas, So I can share this beautiful work with the world…



Thanks for this, because this reminds me that I have to translate hillbicks/SystemDocs to Dutch. I just did a few