Community update July 29th 2015

Hey there everyone, I just wanted to give a special thanks to John @fergish for allowing me to contribute some original music to the amazing Safe Crossroads Podcast! We can’t all contribute to the core code like I’m sure most of us would like to so I was happy John gave me the chance to participate in my own unique way.
The Safe Crossroads Podcast is practicing some true open collaboration within the community and I think that is something that is admirable. I would like to also mention that John is open to others contributing their own intro/outro and bridge music to the program! This is a great way to further foster ongoing creativity and collaboration within the community and when he adds your content to the podcast you will get on air/show notes recognition and LTBcoin distribution for your efforts! So don’t be shy, John is a very friendly and respectful fellow who is really doing a great job spreading awareness of the Safe Project and the potential of the Safe Network. Let’s support and contribute in whatever capacity we can so we can build a strong, meaningful, inviting network for the rest of the world to join!


Thanks @Nigel.

Another idea is that if anyone has podcast material, like an interview, etc., that they think would be appropriate, I’m open to guest hosting it on the SAFE Crossroads Podcast, as well. That’s instant 3k+ listenership right out of the box. As long as it fits the theme, purpose and so forth, I’m game.

I’m open for other ideas others may have for participating as well. Let it roll!!


The FAQ video playlist is a good resource if you wanted to scrape the audio or reproduce the info in a podcast kind of way.


Thanks Chris,

I think this I something that could be useful. I’ll need to explore further, but I know I’m not going to get an interview with David for a while. What a great way to get him on the program, even in snippets inserted from time to time.

I’ll work on it.

Thanks again.

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