Communicating to an email outside of the Safe Network

Hello Safe Network community,

I am in the process of developing an idea for an application, but in order to make it work, the app will have to communicate to an email outside of the Safe Network. This will mean a centralized one.
I understand that this is not possible, since it will communicate not using the standard internet protocols.

Am I correct, or is there a possibility to accomplish this?


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You are correct, there isn’t a way to accomplish what you want currently.

EDIT:The app wouldn’t be able to send emails through the SAFE Network, but it could always still connect to an SMTP server separately.


The app is running on a device (mobile, tablet or PC) which probably has an email client so you could use that, or as @upstate suggests, connect to an SMTP server from the device - both are a bit problematic though, so not sure if it’ll give you what you need. It depends what you are trying to achieve.


Yeah none of this will matter once the whole internet switches over to SAFE anyway :slight_smile:

So might as well keep the privacy & security by not doing it