Can't afford to buy MaidSafeCoin, want to farm

I see on the roadmap page that the project’s only on Testnet 2. I wonder if it would do any good (ie. Pay in MaidSafeCoin) to build a client & get a jump on farming before the beta release.

The last time I tried building the client, it failed, despite my having the prerequisites installed. I don’t remember what the error was, but it was enough to cause me to abandon my efforts installing a client. I could try again, in case progress made since then has corrected the issue I encountered.

Even if it’s impossible to generate MaidSafeCoins at this stage I wouldn’t mind setting up a node, with the idea that it might help development efforts on Testnet 2.

I have extra space / compute resources on a VPS host which I have allocated for the client. What’s the best way I can put it to use on this project?

If you check the dev updates you will see the examples we have released so far. You can run some nodes etc. very soon. This sprint will produce what you need to build apps etc. Also crust is moving on fast to provide for a vault very soon. You can run routing nodes now, crust nodes and very soon a vault node or two. Check the current github/jira to see it happening. We were to provide a much better updated roadmap but have had trouble getting the devs from their keyboards, it should have been published this week but will be early next week now.


I’m glad to hear there’s at least something that can be installed which can be of benefit to the project.

What are ‘routing nodes’ &/or ‘crust nodes’? And how would I go about installing them?

Thanks for your timely reply.


Have a look at the Dev-category, lot’s of information there. CRUST means, connections in RUST. RUST being the program language where a lot of the project is ported to. The whole project is build with different “modules” so soon people will be able to test routing, self-encryption etc.

Here’s a link to technical videos.

And here’s the Dev Category, including topics about building the code…


Can’t afford less than 2 cents?

Because that’s how much a MaidSafecoin costs

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