MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 26th January 2016

We advised in last week’s dev update that we hoped to be running Routing against the new Crust API, while also integrating Vaults by the end of last week; we did not meet that target. As you will read in the Crust section this has only been pushed out by a few days, so is in no way a major setback, the revised estimate is now to have this completed for the end of this week / the beginning of next. The team have been working like crazy and will be as elated as all of you when we can share the news that RUST-5 has been delivered. Thanks as always to the Dev team for taking time out to help make this update happen, it is definitely appreciated by me and clearly - from the support and feedback we receive each week from you guys - the community as well.

##Crust - uTP / API : Vinicius / Andrew / Spandan / David

Utp: Since last week there was a lot of work in rust-utp and we finally merged the branches that fixed many of the serious bugs found in the library. Hopefully there isn’t much more work to complete before we declare uTP stable and start using it in the upper layers.

Beacon: This part was re-implemented yesterday and today and will be pushed into a new crate specifically for service discovery (discover services (nodes)) on a LAN via Udp.

File_handler: Again pulled out of Crust into its own crate specifically for handling config files for any application that requires this. It provides a consistent approach to any config items people will need for apps. Client app builders who use Rust can happily use this crate for “safe” config file handling. We do attempt to lock the data where possible via memory mapped IO.

Crust: The internals of Crust were heavily refactored last week and this will continue this week as soon as the above crates are API ready (today / tomorrow at the latest). We removed a “state” object (and unstable callbacks) which essentially locked all messages and connections in one place. This was a perfect example of a situation that would have slowed down message flow, never mind have greater potential to introduce deadlocks. This much slimmed down, safer codebase should hopefully provide us with a significant increase in message throughput.

As an aside we are implementing service_discovery with mio. This may extend into Crust core and if so we would expect message throughput of over 60,000 messages per second. This will give us a really nice buffer for the future as well as using operating system async IO such as epoll, kqueue etc. This again means the ability to significantly reduce resource use and increase performance to closer to OS capable speeds. A pretty significant change from a users perspective as it is less threads and more low level IO.

##Routing - Vault Integration : Andreas / Brian / Adam / David

We worked on the precision of the theoretical model underlying our generalisation of the Kademlia routing mechanism to make the foundation on which the network is built bullet-proof in a way that can be verified with mathematical certainty.

This week we will make some adaptations to the routing table implementation and to the Routing library itself to fully align it with that model and we will add tests to ensure that it does match the model and to test the model’s theoretical guarantees in practice. @AndreasF has created an RFC which goes into this in much more detail.

##Vaults : Fraser

As per last week, progress has been slow on Vaults since @anon86652309 is covering for @Viv. However, the message flow is complete to the point where Vaults should in theory be functional again. We’re waiting for the changes in Routing to be completed before actually running up a Vault testnet again.

In the meantime, focus is on re-implementing unit tests and tests using a mock Routing implementation.

##Messaging : Qi / Brian

The implementation of a slightly modified and updated, with respect to what was initially agreed, MPID-Messaging RFC has begun. Completion of the Jira tasks should allow a basic command line example to be written showcasing a functional messaging system between nodes. In implementing this messaging infrastructure it will also be possible for third parties to start creating secure messaging apps.

##Client - Launcher : Krishna / Spandan / Shankar

Last week the focus was very much on planning, with tasks being created and detailed for the implementation of Launcher. The implementation work for the Launcher is beginning this week and @Shankar will be joining the Launcher and Drive application implementation. It is going to be an exciting and busy two weeks for the Client guys.

##Roadmap : Scott / Shankar

@Shankar was quick to implement a configurable module for the Roadmap. The actual data for the Roadmap has yet to be integrated; once the implementation has been reviewed and accepted internally, this will be added. Once complete, the roadmap will be added to the new website.

##UI Design : Scott

@Scott has been working on storyboards and mockups to be used when talking with potential MaidSafe investors. These are designed to aid conversation on user-focused parts of the network. The storyboards are simplified, visual walkthroughs for some of the key use cases we’re catering for.

Thanks again for your time and support, here is a link to the transcript.


excellent as always, thanks ross

so excited… testnet testnet testnet?!



Super update. Great to get detailed and reliable information. Keep up the good work!


Question: when you say investors, do you mean in open market SAFECOIN or VC fundraising?



@nicklambert is the man in the thick of this and best placed to give you an accurate answer.


I mean VCs in this case.

I know it’s quite common to call coin holders investors these days, but I would typically reserve this phrase for equity owners to avoid any confusion.


Is this planned before launch? When we you be able to share details of the raise?


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That depends what you mean by launch. If it helps I believe we will release Rust 5 deliverables prior to finalising any investment. I would say the investments are still are a relatively early stage and should we go down the VC route and confirm a deal this would be shared, unless those involved wanted to keep things quiet.


3 questions:

  1. Are you in discussions with any VC’s now
    2, Is additional funding necessary to take the team though to launch?

Yeah, I know, :slightly_smiling: that depends on what I mean by launch. So Ill ask it this way. Are you concerned at all that you may not be able to complete this to a live network with SAFECOIN without new funding?



Sorry in advance for being vague. Additional funding might be needed, but I’m really not 100%, please understand that there are a lot of moving parts to that question, ones that I can’t know the answer to. I am hoping for the best and planning for the worst.


Not vague at all.

You’re a smart man.

Thanks for your honesty.

Good luck Nick.


Can we see the UI mockups and storyboards @Scott has been preparing ?

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I’m confident once the Testnet is released there will be lots of interest in investing. Something people can use and play around with will go a long way


I just invested in some Maidsafecoins and I don’t really care if the testnet is released. SAFE = the place to be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for another fun update every week we’re getting closer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks code legends :stuck_out_tongue:

@Viv it would be fun if the “Messaging” also had an option like So if you can basically choose to let people pay you to send you messages. It would also be attractive if one could adjust the price, it would also be for celebrity, if they want to be paid 10 safecoin per character to receive a message from a fan.


Hi, guys thanks for the update. Got a question in regards to that little bit i quoted.

Understandably discussing these things public is difficult, however the lack of detail is somewhat worrisome. Hopefully someone could clarify what may or may not happen.

  1. What will the angle be from investor POW, are they buying shares in the maidsafe company? And if so what is the value proposition? I assumed the idea was to “let the animal free” type of thing, so I am confused as to how Maidsafe will generate a profit.

  2. This brings me to my next question. Could there be an increase in the coin supply as a result of the new investment? Or in any other way create a disadvantage/unfair situation for those who have invested in Maidsafecoins at this point?

  3. Does this mean that development may continue through 2016, pushing the project back as the new funds will create a cushion on which you can double down and perfect more aspects of the system before going live? (Speaking from experience, this is usually what I’ve seen happen on other projects)

Very exited about what you guys are doing and impressed as well. A system like this will exist in the future and be the backbone of the internet, I hope it is Safenet :wink:


Yeah im with JJ05 on this, what exactly is your business model? OS software usually only makes money through support but since there is a cryptocoin involved im guessing that somehow the company is going to get a % of all coin generated and thats your income?

What would the testnet look like without Safecoin?

IIRC 10% is planned to go to the core devs of the minted coins - and they are employed by Maidsafe (the company)

If it is a VC then they would be looking for equity in most cases. MaidSafe generate revenue from 3 sources all related to safecoin. These are: 5% for maintaining and developing the network, farming and building apps for the the network. The safecoins recieved for these activities will be sold, converted to cash and receipted as income. When this income exceeds our costs we will have profit and the investors will share in this with us. Early stage tech investors would be looking to increase their investment from between 3 and 7 times in 3-5 years.


The fund raising is still in a relatively early stage and we don’t really have the luxury at the moment to step back and optimise parts of the system. We see Rust 5 as a minimum viable product and these proof points are a very important part of the funding process, it convinces investors beyond a shadow of doubt that we know what we are doing. I wouldn’t anticipate the development process slowing down during 2016.

I hope this info helps!


Hi, thanks for the reply. That answered my questions :slightly_smiling:

About this, do you know if it is certain that those safecoins will be sold in their entirety? Or do you see a scenario where some may be kept and/or shared directly with the investors? Asking because it theoretically could have an implication on the price in some scenarios I assume

Great idea to transition some Maidsafe staff onto building apps and other services once the network is live btw, I really like that. It will ensure some high quality and “must have” tools are there within not to long, from investor pow that seems reassuring and potentially profitable as well